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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Grilmalkins Are Us

Big-ish news on the cat front – Ghost Cat is becoming somewhat less feral-y cautious around us. On Monday, while Jen was out shoveling snow off the driveway, our phantom feline strolled all big and bold up onto the porch. Their eyes met but, and this is very new, he did not run off! Nope, our former shadow beastie just gave her a don’t come any closer, wench glare and hunkered down for his morning repast.

And then, THEN, this morning, Coco and I were looking out the front window and who was there? Yup, Ghost Cat. He saw us and did not, as he’d always done before, sprint off. I waved at him, (he’s all ‘the fuck? I’m trying to eat here, woman!) managed to snap a quick pic and then decided not to press my luck further.

Who knows? Maybe in another five or ten years I’ll be able to pat him.

Rocco, at left, is rereading Fear and Loathing. It's true, our formally fierce feral loves him some Hunter S. Thompson. By the by, The Bloggess named her new kitten (now a full grown monster) Hunter S. Thomcat. DAMN, such a great name – I may need to steal that for our next porch visiting cat.

Coco, at right, is keeping a sharp watch on Fritz (the giant Maine Coon feral) who'd just let out a monster yowl (so TAB tells me) and ducked under a neighbor's porch.

Cat Central has been a busy place lately!

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