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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Cat People

Jen's kitten Skitter has lived indoors for all but the first six months of her existence. OK, she's five years old now so I guess that makes her an adult, not a kitten. *sigh* Where does the time go?!

Before moving in with Jen and Oni she lived on our porch with her mom, Trixie (who now lives with a wonderful woman in Portland, Maine). Skitter was never a schmoozy thing but she didn't go all smoke-in-the-wind when people came around either. Just to be clear and shit, "people" is defined as no more than two furless two-leggeds who approach veeeeery slowly and non-threateningly. Also too, they must be bearing food.

Like Rocco, who spent the first 12 years of his life outside, Skitter has the soul of a feral.

Our boy's been living indoors for over a year and a half but he's still not keen on anyone patting him but me. Rocco deigns to sniff The Amazing Bob's proffered paw but allows him only one, awfully brief pat before swatting him away. TAB is lightyears more gentle and considerate than I but our fierce, warrior kitten has limits. He's a one-human cat.

As is Skitter. Oni's home with her all day but she rarely, if ever, comes out of her room (she's commandeered their guest bedroom) until Jen gets home from work. She'll sit on Jen's lap but only if they're alone together. When Oni's away Skitter sleeps right next to Jen – all night too! With Oni outta town, she takes her meals on the kitchen table with Thelma. Normally Skitter’s sups under the deep cover of their dining room table.

Yeah, Oni and TAB’s respective feelings are hurtin.’ These two are serious Cat Men. WHY won't Skitter and Rocco come across for them?!

Granted, Thelma’s usually found in Oni’s arms and TAB’s lap looks strange if Coco’s not in residence.  So, ya know, it's not like they're without furry companionship.
The cat does not offer services. The cat offers itself.
~ William S. Burroughs, The Cat Inside 
A cat is only technically an animal, being divine.
~ Robert Lynd

The more cats you have, the longer you live. If you have a hundred cats, you’ll live ten times longer than if you have ten. Someday this will be discovered, and people will have a thousand cats and live forever.
~ Charles Bukowski, On Cats

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