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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Reading Matter

Ever since that awful week, The Amazing Bob’s last on this blue marble Earth, I haven’t been reading my usual political blogs as much. Of course!

Trump and his band of butthurt, violent, angry white male followers are, yes, scary as all hell but, next to the blinding pain of losing TAB…meh. They seem pretty damned irrelevant. Trump’s not gonna win in November and, hopefully, the Senate and maybe even (I hope, I hope, I HOPE) the House will go blue as well.

This will only happen if all us sane folk get out and VOTE though. Do it! On November ninth, this disgustingly miscreant piece of revoltingly vile humanity and all his dimwitted minions should be no more than sad jokes. They are, and I'm being way charitable here, embarrassments to the human race.

Instead of reading about all that, I’m paying a lot more attention to my kittens. Of course I am. They miss our Amazing Bob – the once and future king of cat cosseters – almost as much as I do. Just FYI, yesterday was the seven week point. I've been without my MOST wonderful and incredible Bob for seven weeks now. Every day is like driving on pitted, unpaved roads through a mine a car with busted struts.

So, instead of Trumpian outrage/idiocy/crimes against humanity du jour, I’ve been following John Cole of Balloon Juice’s pet rescue tales. Jesus, the man’s a saint.

He recently found a grossly neglected, abused dog living in a fixer upper he’d just purchased. John began feeding, caring for and just generally loving up this poor boy. He named him Walter, took him to the vet a number of times and found him a forever home. Walter’s close to being healthy and happy now, thanks to John’s care.

This, this is more helpful reading right now.

What else am I eyeballing? Just finished Leonard: My Fifty-Year Friendship with a Remarkable Man by that side of ham, masquerading as an actor, William Shatner and his co-"author," David Fisher. Interesting read at points but two things stuck out:
1) Do major publishing houses no longer employ proofreaders and editors? There were more than a few examples of graceless sentence structure and incorrect word usage. Thomas Dunne Books is a McMillan imprint. They couldn’t bother to edit a celebrity authored, sure-to-be-bestseller or did they just cheap out, figuring that Trekkies wouldn’t notice?
2) I would’ve liked to have read more about Nimoy and Shatner’s relationship. Yes, they were chums for a long time but, ya know, MORE anecdotes, pleez! The book mostly skimmed the surface, talking more about the business – Shatner and Nimoy’s careers. Yawn – read this already!
I’m just about done. Next book in my pile is Red Queen by Christina Henry. This story follows her book Alice which I LOVED!

Escapism – I'm all about that shit right now. That and sitting on the seawall steps at dawn. You're welcome.

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