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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Fireworks and Naps

Yesterday was pretty damned active in Dream World.

It started in the morning when I inadvertently took a nap. How’s that happen, you might wonder (or not). Whelp, I took a shower and sat down on the bed to read for a few while me hair dried and *BING* Sleepville.

While in Nap City a wee chimera drifted through. In it, I was in bed napping (redundant much?) when The Amazing Bob walked in. It was as though he’d never left, never been horribly ill. We were so happy, so goddamned content as he curled into my arms under the covers. We lay intertwined and peacefully dozed, full of the mega joy-joy bliss.

And then I woke up. God dammit, I wanted to be back in that dream, back in TAB’s arms!


I got up, suited up and hit the Y for 15 laps in the pool. My attempt at meditation, distraction and self-soothing. Yea me. I want that wonderful dream back – STAT!

Then, in last night's Land of Träume, Jen and I were on a team tasked with investigating a murder. Huh. Were we cops? Nope. Freelance dicks? No clue. It was night and we were in a wide, tree limned, North End square. It was a corner of the old Italian section that I didn’t know existed (reality, it does not). We wandered into a cool shop which sold all manner of awesome ceramic creation. Yeah, I got distracted from killer hunting by neato-keen, creepy clay cups. You can see why I’m not a cop, right?

We finally pulled ourselves outta the shop, resolving to return when off duty. The whole hero crew wandered up a broad, cinematically rain slicked, dim streetlamp-lit back street. Oppressive, faceless industrial buildings towered on either side of us with Boston Harbor to our front.

Then the fireworks began. Real fireworks up in the sky. They were gorgeous. AND Rocco decided, right then, that it was wake-y-wake-y time.

What does this all mean?
Fireworks dreams are related to happiness and celebrations; however they also come with signs of negativity. The fireworks in the sky give temporary happiness and after a few minutes, bring the sky back to the darkness.
This dream is a sign of happy period. Seeing a dream of fireworks in a public place means that you will collectively share your happiness with others and enjoy the limelight. It’s also a sign of good news and the announcement of a special occasion in your life. (source)
OR the fireworks indicate that, in the dream, it’s the fourth of July. That’s the day TAB died. Were we looking for TAB’s killer? I already know the responsible miscreanic rat-bastards who took my beautiful man away. It was Pneumonia and his slimebagingly callous pal Cancer.

Maledetto, merdique, fucking Scheisse!

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