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Saturday, August 19, 2017

How the hell did THIS happen?

Somehow, when I clearly wasn't paying attention, I turned 59. 'the fuck’s up with that shit?!

Sure, sure, turning 59 beats all hell out of the alternative but this is still shocking. I swear I hit the pause button at 40.

That’s a futuristic fictional construct. Not realistically possible Donna.
Oh, shut up.

I didn't sleep but an hour or two on birthday eve. Was that about age anxiety? Nope, I had a bad case of fried nerves from reading the news. That and I'd overdone it with the weights that day which seems utterly silly. How is overdoing even possible? At home and at the Y I use absurdly light weights and do my three reps of ten as though I'm lifting in a molasses atmosphere...practically. That's the smart, recommended path, right?

So then, what gives? Oh yeah, see above – I seem to be older now. Shit just fucks up because it does.
Heh, I'll show that broad. This, THIS is for those daily six mile walks, power lifting and staying out till all hours, drinking and dancing to excess. Thought you could get away with all that profligate youth shit, didya?
My body has developed a painfully warped, payback-prone sense of humor.

How did I spend my big day? Doing the happy uszh basically. Jen and I breakfasted at Starzzzzz. From there, she went to work and I motored down to Nantasket. It was an overcast morning but it was still gorgeous, restorative and peaceful. I took an extra long walk, making sure to greet all gulls as I passed by. Of course.

Afterward, I hit the gym for a solid half hour on the elliptical (oof) and then home to read (sometimes with my eyes closed – I’m talented like that). Coco let me know when it was time to wake up stop reading and get dressed for din-din. Jen and Oni took me to a new joint that Erin (yes, Saint Erin the Cooking Queen) recommended – Steel & Rye.

We had a fried green olive app – proving that anything deep friend is gonna be awesomely tasty and Jen and I split the mushroom pizza. UN-fucking-believably Fab City.
Operating out of an old garage in Lower Mills, Steel & Rye takes its cues from the great history surrounding its location. The neighborhood, originally an agricultural center bordering the city’s limits, was founded on local farming, milling and manufacturing. Steel & Rye embraces this strong American heritage.
So then, locally sourced, brill food, cool rustic many windowed atmosphere and, oh yeah, attractive waitstaff. Excellent. Jen allowed that it’s a good thing we don’t live across the street (in a house we were admiring). We’d move into Steel & Rye and never, ever leave. Truth!

After, it was carrot cake at home time. This was a tremendously relaxing, no-Trump day.

Today we’re back at it. Jen and I are going to the Fight Supremacy rally to counter-protest the hilariously, Orwellian named (given the far right folk who are putting on this obscenity) Boston Free Speech rally.
Boston Free Speech posted an updated list Friday of the rally’s speakers, which includes Joe Biggs, who worked until recently for Infowars, the website founded by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones; and Kyle Chapman, known on the internet as “Based Stickman” and founder of the Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights, which is described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a “new Alt-Right group of street fighters.”
Augustus Invictus — who headlined the Charlottesville rally and is credited for writing an early draft of a white nationalist manifesto recently published by white supremacist Richard Spencer — had been scheduled to speak at the Boston rally. (he was “uninvited” after Charlottesville but, who knows, may show anyway)
Massachusetts members of the Ku Klux Klan are reportedly planning to attend the “free speech rally,” according to the Boston Herald.  (source)
Yes, we’ll be careful.


  1. I just tell people I'm approaching 50 -- from the high side.

    Good luck at the rally. I assume we'll see a report here?

    1. 50 from the high side--hah! In my case very high and that can be interpreted a couple different ways 🙂

      Yes, rally report in the AM. Teaser--it was lovely 🙂

  2. Word is the snowflakes were... overwhelmed 🤣

    1. Massively so! Their little assholian racist event ended up petering out before even an hour had passed.

  3. Sounds like your birthday went well, although, well, sorry about the white supremacists.

    1. It did! And, actually, yesterday's counter-protest wass a lot more of a garden party than anything else. A good people-watching day :-)