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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Portland AHT!

Meanwhile, back in Portland and the last day of Donna and Ten’s big adventure…

The day started with a bang. We went to the Roxy for brekkie. I was in love with this dark, funked up joint before I even opened the menu.
On it I found things like:
  • Soylent green omelette – We put a little bit of ourselves in every one.
(spinach/mushroom/cheese omelette)
  • The Ghost and Mrs. Chicken – Don Knotts was a cool nerd
(Chicken fried steak with biscuits and gravy)
  • Standard Breakfast  v. 2018 – Register yourself or someone else to vote for the 2018 elections, Our lives depend on it.
(two eggs, hash browns and toast)
  • Steve Buscemi Breakfast – So that’s your breakfast in the wood chipper?
(Corned beef hash, two eggs, hash browns and toast)
Jane Burton
Rick Bartow
The fabola waiter set down a full pitcher of hot coffee.YEA!!! But then…DA DA DUNNNNN… disaster struck when I attempted to fill my wee mug. The jug’s lid wasn’t snug, the place was so beautifully, atmosphere-heavy dark that I couldn’t tell how fast the jolt juice was flowing and *BOOM* I emptied a half dozen cups worth of steaming coffee ALL over meself. Even my sneakers were soaked.

Yes. OUCH!

Ten and I went back to our, thankfully, nearby hotel where I stripped and rinsed the hot brew outta my duds. Ten then brought them down the hall to the hotel dryer. Afterward, despite my extreme embarrassment levels we returned to the Roxy and it was AWESOME PLUS. Also…yes…I had Ten pour this time – obvs I can’t be trusted with carafes of hot bevs.

Post OMG-if-yur-in-Portland-you-MUST-eat-at-the-Roxy brekkie, we set out on the Portland Art Gallery Tour.

Kris Hargis
Our first stop was Gallery 903 where I found Jane Burton’s mindblowing life size figures. Also E. Tyler Burton’s (are they related?) evocative (tell me a damn story NOW!) torsos trapped in blocks.

The Froelick Gallery had paintings by Rick Bartow and Kris Hargis which ripped my head clean off – like into the next dimension.

Yeah sure there were other galleries with cool as fuck shit but there was also this funky home furnishings joint with hilarious work. Who doesn’t need formal, Warhol-ish animal portraits, hmmmm? We trolled through an antique shop which had dull as pale dirt paintings as well as wondrous landscapes. And then there was the street – not QUITE as vibrant as Montreal but really bloody close.

 I only mention it but Boston needs a LOT more street art
More Burtons – E. Tyler and two by Jane


  1. We put a little bit of ourselves in every one

    One does wonder which bit exactly.

    Glad you had a good trip (I've been reading your posts day-by-day). I do love the street sculpture here. There are all sorts of little (and big) oddities all over the place. Did you see the salmon?

    1. Oh maaaaan, I forgot to get a pic of the salmon! Thank you, I loved it!

  2. The street art is great, plus I like the Rick Bartow piece (a google search reveals a bunch more delightfully mind-jiggling faces).

    I've never actually seen the soylent green movie, but the SNL sketch where Phil Hartman is supposed to be doing Heston sequels sticks with me: "It's still made out of people! They said they changed the recipe, but they didn't! It's still people!"

    1. Hah! I haven't seen the SNL sketch but that sounds AWESOME