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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Just What I Needed


FYI and shit, my promise to quit whining, just so’s we're clear and all, was ENTIRELY limited to the weather.

OK, ok…so maybe I’m tired of listening to my internal pissing and moaning about health issues. I’m sick to death (OK, not death but a good looooong nap in my cozy, warm bed with Coco on top of me and Ten by my side) of these endless daily issues – red eye, extra wonky balance, headaches and totally shit handwriting. Fuck, I can’t even scrawl my signature worth a damn lately. Also too, I STILL can't hear  Cool, Cool River or Clair de Lune. Dammit.

So, all I’ll say is this – I want to come back as a free floating sentient cloud. Hell, I wanna BE that cloud NOW! Not one of those pretty but lame-ass, wispy cirrus suckers either. I’ve got my eye on a sweet cumulus crib. Maybe I’d park myself, for a time – when I’m in the mood for company, in a pleasant, sociable alto or stratus bank.

I can always bitch about the Tangerine Treasonweasel and his crew of perfidious renfields but I’m worn out after reading Shower Cap’s latest brill wrap up. All I wanna know is this – will justice be served. I’d like my justice grilled (topped with a tart up-the-river sauce) and a side of fried slammer. For dessert? Congressional Republi/Fascist Flambé, of course.

Ya know, I’d be happy, thrilled even, if every last one of these slimy, on-the-take, traitorous fucks had every last nickel taken away to pay for their myriad crimes – starting with impersonating a public servant. They can get work as prossies (hey, they already have plenty of on-their-knees experience with the NRA and The Bubonic Boob) and cleaning outhouses at state fairs.

That dough can go toward feeding the poor, caring for the sick and elderly AND finding a cure for Nf2 and cancer (for starters).

Enough about those rat winkle sucking asswipes though. The sun’s come out FINALLY (we missed you, big guy). Coco, who usually spends the morning on my lap, has been glued to the front window, watching the show. Instead of hitting Nantasket for a dawn walkie, Ten and I decided we'll motor up to Townsend again. We’ll take a stroll through the old, OLD cemetery (rubbings here I come!), have lunch at the Townsend House or Cliff’s Cafe and, just generally, soak up the ambience of this happiest of childhood homes. Oh yeah and we’ll cruise some hot foliage too.

It’s gonna be a mellow day. Just what I need.
The view before my old pal Sol showed up

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