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Friday, January 17, 2020


The first night I got home I couldn’t sleep. Because of being in the hospital? Mebbe though prolly not.

Anytime I tried to get out of bed at night in hospital, I set off radically loud alarms (that even I could hear with my sound awareness hearing aid in) and three nurses would come zooming in. They were always stunned at me being awake. I had to explain, “I’m a 61 year old woman – I don’t sleep through the night ”

The first night I came home I woke at 11 – getting back to sleep wasn’t happening. At two AM I figured I’d get up, go downstairs and read. I didn’t make it. Fell out of bed and and had some kind of a seizure – not unheard of after brain surgery, I guess.

Ten tried to get me back into bed but was unable and called Jen who called 911.

Apparently the Fire Department arrived first and put me back into bed. Which I don’t remember AT ALL. Then the EMTs came, put me in a wheelchair and transported me back to MGH via ambulance. I recall bits of this only. Just FYI, it’s no fun to lose time, no fun at all.

I saw the EMTs by our bed. It was weird – “who are these people and what are they doing in my bedroom?!” Yes, I saw their uniforms but it still baffled me. I was just going downstairs to read after all! I remember thinking that they both had nice, caring faces anyway.  I don’t recall going down the stairs via wheelchair at all.

Back at MGH, I spent much of the day on a gurney in a hallway of the ER before being moved to a room for overnight. A room with an awesome view!

Now I’m home, on anti-seizure meds and I got through this past night just fine. I could handle LESS excitement for a bit…ya know?!


  1. I too could do with a bit less excitement.

  2. Oof, Donna. Thankfully everyone was quick to react! Maybe someone can pick up one of those little book lights so you can read in bed (?) Take care xo