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Monday, August 11, 2014

The MOST Awesome Jamie Wyeth

Yesterday my pal Joe and I went to the Museum of Fine Arts to take in the Jamie Wyeth show. Jesus, he’s my fav of the whole Wyeth famiglia and maybe one of the most squeee inducing painters for yurs truly. He's def in the top five — oh yeah.

By happy chance, Jen and I caught the Wyeth Vertigo show up at the Shelburne in northern Vermont last fall. I’d, previously, only seen Jamie’s work in books. Brill as the repros were, they just didn’t, couldn’t possibly, do justice to his incredible brushwork, color and wickedly masterful recreation of light.

Here are just a few of the swoon inducing pieces (with links to better images found on line) :
Meteor Shower

And a few of his Seven Deadly Sins   as acted out by seagulls.
Portrait of Lady
Rudolf Nureyev in the buff-ola (oddly, I couldn't find this on line)
The Islander
Pumpkinhead - Self Portrait
The Headlands of Monhegan Island
Portrait of Jamie Wyeth by Andy Warhol

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