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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Jerome and The Surgeon's House

Sunrise at The Surgeon's House
When Jenny and I were first discussing where to go when Jen and I came out to visit, she’d suggested driving up to the  Grand Canyon. Spectacular as it is, we decided against, given the distance — a ten hour drive more or less.

I’d been to Sedona once, billions of years ago, and was keen to revisit the incredible Red Rock State Park. Also too, it’s just a couple hours (versus ten) north of Phoenix. Jenny found us a place to stay in nearby, less touristy, Jerome and, man-o-man, did she hit the royal jackpot!

“America’s Most Vertical City” and “Largest Ghost Town in America”
Located high on top of Cleopatra Hill (5,200 feet) between Prescott and Flagstaff is the historic copper mining town of Jerome, Arizona. Once known as the wickedest town in the west, Jerome was a copper mining camp, growing from a settlement of tents to a roaring mining community.
The view from our room!
Dolphin sized koi
My first impression, as we drove down the supremely twisty, windy road into town was that the place reminded me a LOT of Tuscany. Yes. There we were, perched on the side of a mountain with the most astounding views of the valley far below. Breathtaking. Completely.

The B&B where we stayed was just amazing. The Surgeon’s House had stunningly comfortable rooms, brilliantly magnificent views from the rooms and gardens, drawings, paintings and sparkly bits everywhere you looked, TWO cats, TWO koi ponds (and the fishies were the size of dolphins!) and the most awesome food ever (an interview with chef Denise Clayton to come).

Surgeon's House mosaic
I could’ve happily stayed an entire week just in Jerome. In addition to this astonishingly fab B&B there’s the town of Jerome itself. Art galleries, cool looking restaurants, artist's studios, sweet, handsome bikers (!) and, em, did I mention the great view yet?

Before we left town we stopped by the Jerome Grand Hotel. I'm def glad we didn't stay here. Mind you, it looks like a fab joint with brill views and all BUT it's rumored to be riddled with ghosts. Yes, I'm just that much of a superstitious silly that this would make me want to stay elsewhere!

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