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Monday, October 6, 2014


I’ve lived in Massachusetts for almost 34 years now. We’re on the coast not in the hills or forest lands BUT I don’t need to go very far for leaf peeping action. The Blue Hills Reservation is a quick 10 mile drive from home and then there’s the road to Hoosick Falls where my fabulous baby sweetie girl Helen and her family reside.

I was up there Saturday and Sunday for a quick visit. Despite Saturday’s heavy rain and overcast, it was GORGEOUS. I took the usually duller than dishwater ‘pike there in order to avoid the inevitable, impenetrable, road obscuring fog that’d be hanging over Hogback Mountain Even the dismal, gloomy drizzle couldn’t tamp down all the beautiful autumn colors.

The ride home Sunday was brilliantly sunny so, after a fabulous breakfast at Papa Pete’s in North Bennington, I drove up through the Molly Stark State Park, up over Hogback Mountain and down to Route 2 in Massachusetts for my glorious corkscrew-y trek home.

One place that has become a total MUST-stop is the Freight House Antiques shop and cafe in Erving. The restaurant is just a few tables and a diner-ish counter in one corner of a sprawl of fabulous awesome curios, objet d’art, china, books and more. I was stunned and thrilled to find a bunch of Stangl-ware and snatched up four little cake plates that match the pattern my mother bought more than 50 years ago.

Then there’s the food. Unbelievably fabulous and way more vegetarian selections than I’ll find at most joints here in just-one-town-south-of-Boston Quincy. I picked up a drool worthy mixed berry scone for me, a couple of chocolate chip/date cookies and a pumpkin whoopie pie (I was in heavy drool territory) for The Amazing Bob and beat feet outta there before I spent more dough and ate my weight in goodies.

Freight House Antiques is worth visiting even if I’m not on the way to Hoosick Falls.

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