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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Bix Is Back


Momentarily, Jen will be toting my big, round arse over to the smart car repair shop to pick up my poor beleaguered Bix. It’s been more than three weeks since I’ve seen him. The mechanics finished the work yesterday afternoon but motoring over to Somerville and then back home in Friday, end of summer, penultimate Cape weekending, rush hour traffic somehow didn’t appeal. Always impatient me figured I could wait until morning. Huh, very mature and forward thinking of me.

Instead of sitting in stop and more stopped gridlock hell, I went for a trike ride. Mein Gott it was glorious! I’ve a new, bigger flag on the back of my trusty steed which, I hope, makes me more visible to all the thousands of pounds of speeding steel coming up behind me. Nervous, me? You betcha!

Seeing as yellow, or greenish yellow, is the color which grabs people’s eye first, the most visible of hues, I’ve a bright yellow helmet, a mellow yellow trike and now a vibrant yellow patterned flag. I’ve also got neon yellow and orange safety vests which I should wear all the time but, in 80+º weather, I’ve been throwing caution to the wind and going without. I’m figuring that may not be so bright. I’ll mend my ways, I surely will. Probably not until temps drop into the 70s though.

I'm exploring ways to attach saddlebags to my brill stallion. I figure, this way, I can do at least half my daily errands via trike versus car. Better for the environment, better for me and my perpetual weight loss attempts.

Having said this, I am SO psyched to get Bix back! God only knows when the buckolas from the insurance company will come through so I continue to watch every penny.

Interestingly, ease in transportation seems to spark greater spending. I know, DUH, rilly Donna. No kidding?! Going to the book store (a 15 minute drive) versus the library (a 15 minute bus ride). Lunch out with The Amazing Bob as opposed to sammiches at home. If I'm in a gallery hopping mood, followed by art supply shopping—easy peasy. Afterward I can catch a matinee at the lux Braintree movie theater—no prob!

All this can be done without the car BUT it takes more planning and, with T travel, the better part of a day. MUCH easier to go out for a trike ride, dine at home, make do with the art supplies and reread old fav books. Without the car, I’m much more of a non-spendy homebody…sort of.

Mind, it's a brill home to be reluctant to leave.

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