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Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful

The Warrior Princess
The Peace Lover
It’s become clear to me that Rocco is really, truly retired and retired hard. Maybe.

When I was cleaning out the bathroom cupboard yesterday (hunting for Q-tips—I get my best cleaning done when I’m looking for lost items), I found evidence of a slight mouse invasion.

The first floor is Coco’s and she is most solidly on the case re: mousies. The second floor is Rocco’s.

Perhaps his lack of kill count has more to do with his peace loving sensibilities than his emeritus state. He’s always been a live and let live type. While outdoors, he’d let our possum, raccoon and skunk visitors share his bowl. Not the other cats though—gotta draw the line somewhere, don’cha know.

So then, who knew—mice favor small decorative soaps. A delicacy perhaps? Does Rocco also share his meals with our tiny visitors? Are they his pets? Confidantes? Are they poker buddies?
Jen was toting my car-less ass around town yesterday so’s I could run errands without having to take 500 buses and trains. She rocks.

On our way out of the neighborhood we passed this disturbing house. It’s a couple blocks up from us on Sea Street.

Wow and ‘the fuck? Jen, who hears a lot of the local gossip said that the taxi driver dude who lives there was recently busted for trying to drag a woman into his cab. Christ Almighty!

Looks like he was, very happily, unsuccessful (understatement city!) AND, mebbe, the law’s the least of his worries now.

Shit-stain Perv Man should probably consider moving off the Neck. This isn't the first time there's been a skeevy disturbance coming from this shack.
Know what I want? A Weeping Willow. A mondo one too. Sadly, we don't have the land for that.

We've already planted birch, blue spruce, oak, Japanese Red Maple, three junipers, two Dwarf Alberta Spruce, a bunch of other small bushes plus all the beach roses. These are in addition to the four giant Norway Maples, resident here when we moved in. Yes, apparently we're creating a forest at beach's edge.

I saw this magnificent beastie, at left, on my trike ride yesterday.

*sigh* I want a Weeping Willow.
The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.
~John Muir

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