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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Ill-natured Cretins Let Out To Play

The latest Republican “debate” was on Thursday evening and, naturally, I missed it. On purpose. Of course. I don't need to watch the embarrassing train wreck that the GOP has, unsurprisingly, become. Mind you, I read  a lot of the wrap-ups. Why? I like to see the enemy and know what they're going on about but from a distance. From another planet would be better. Perhaps we could ship them all to Mars?

Scott Eric Kaufman at Salon shared a great tidbit:
It’s an open secret that I’m legally and for all practical purposes deaf, and watch Fox News every day with the closed captioning on, so as I was covering tonight’s Republican debate, I watched as I always do — and about two hours into it, I was rewarded for my deafness as the person responsible for captioning the debate just threw his or her hands in the air and surrendered, as any rational person would do.
My sister Celeste, who’s got a much stronger stomach for this sort of crapoli than I, weighed in:

Well this one is hard to summarize given that three of the five fellows on stage were often ranting at the same time (see above). This is what I came away with:
Rubio can do macho (so there Donald!). Rubio can do homework before debates. Rubio loves Israel more than anybody!
Mr. Entertainment was a wee bit wounded, but also quick to point out that even though the IRS hates him, that the law suits against him are frivolous and that everyone around him is a liar, he's still winning. And Hispanics love him.
Cruz said something about his dad washing dishes and the radical liberal Supreme Court situation.
Kasich cannot believe that Obama didn't make a backroom deal with Apple CEOs and instead let the dirty laundry of complex legal issues get strewn about the New York Times.
Dr. Ben. Liberty and Justice for all. We need constitutional fruit salad. Begs to be attacked.
Bonus... the embalmed corpses of Bush Sr and Silver Fox Babs were in the audience, probably wondering WTF happened to their Grand Ol Par-tay.
And, over at The Atlantic, David A. Graham, spoke of Trump’s less than stellar performance and Rubio’s come back from Robot Land.
Unlike Bush, Rubio kept hammering, interrupting Trump and getting under his skin. And unlike Bush, who seemed deeply unhappy attacking, Rubio seemed to be having a blast slashing Trump.
So this is who Rubio is—a smarmy, heckling, dimbulbed rowdy. Not unlike the drunks at Westside Comedy Theater or the Eastville Comedy Club who think they’re SO much funnier than the acts on stage. Yeah, he showed his true assholian frat boy colors and proved he’s every bit as boorish and bellicose as Trump and Cruz. Yup, he's all ready to jettison the JV and move up to varsity level lies, big-dick threats and general shitheel-dom now.

Yeah, I think I'll miss the next "debate" as well.

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