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Friday, February 5, 2016


1) At left—a bumper sticker seen while triking. It was on one of those giant, jacked up pick up trucks. You know, the kind with a pristine truckbed that just screams Holy shit, my dick’s so tiny you’d need an LED Magnifier and a dedicated team of microbiologists to find it.
That bumper sticker? Not needed. Utterly redundant.

2) Met Jen for post work bevs and snacks yesterday. This, THIS is how upscale the area is—there’s a darling little boutique that sells Teslas.  You remember, those are the fab-brill, amazing electric cars—the ones that start at $71,100 (in contrast, my Bix cost in the neighborhood of 12K) but, generally, come in at over 100 Gs.

Car and Driver describes the Tesla Model S:
As both the ultimate eco-friendly luxury car and an absurdly fast sports sedan, we simply love the Model S. With an aptly named “Ludicrous Mode,” the top-spec, all-wheel-drive P90D hits 60 mph in 2.8 seconds. And yes, the optional Autopilot can do the driving for you in certain situations.
Yup, just a cute little shop that you can pop into for a new luxury car after you’ve picked up that fab Eileen Fischer Silk and Organic Cotton frock and had power lunchy at Burton’s Grill. Then it’s off to baby Gap and done!

Jen and I go to the Rustic Kitchen. We love the bartenders and the lighting fixtures. I had the Apple Cider-tini The suffix “tini” still bugs the shit outta me—these are sweet cocktails NOT variations on my beloved Sahara dry martinis! I get it though. The tini bit just refers to the glass in which it’s served. By the by, LOVED the cider concoction AND, with an apple slice floating in it, I got in some of my daily dose 'o' fruit. Awesome!

3) Cambridge Nails—not a great name for a nail salon. What does the city of Cambridge put in mind? Intellectuals, college professors, wild eyed hippy types and political radicals. None of these are exactly famed for their flash manicures. Visions of nails bitten to the quick, ragged cuticles and magnificently chipped, multi colored paint jobs are more what pop into my head.

4) In the slow grocery store line I was checking out the latest trashy mags. Hillary’s Crimes? OH PU-LEEEEZE!

Here’s a big reason that I think she’d be a great Prez (apart from her big, smarter-than-anyone-else brain and experience), she’s put up with so much pooh flinging from all fucking corners and survived beautifully.

Demfromhartsdaleny at the Daily Kos in his post Is this Dailykos? Or Redstate? Trashing Hillary for fun and profit notes:
The Republicans leak whatever they decide to leak to friendly sources (Fox News in this case), they put the worst possible spin on it, it gets reported all over the place and everyone says “Oh, that Hillary”.  A week later the actual facts come out that are far more innocuous, but the damage has been done and the correction gets far less attention than the original, misleading tale of woe.
This. And, mega sadly, a lot of Sanders supporters (mostly the Bernie Bros) have boarded this crazy train. Fighting amongst ourselves worked out SO well the last time.

5) The first thing you see, when you walk into MGH, is the big Information Desk. It’d be molto fab if I could get all the info I need there, such as:
  • Is a Clinton/Sanders ticket gonna happen? Yes, that’s my Dream Team.
  • Will the blockheaded, mega corrupt and intransigent American Taliban—the Republican Party—ever be voted out?
  • Will civility, compassion and equality become a going concern to the US, ya know, within my lifetime?
  • Global Warming—will we succeed in killing off our planet, thus, ourselves?
  • Will humankind EVER smarten up?
You know, just wondering and shit.

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