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Friday, February 5, 2016

Oh, the weather outside is frightful

Indeed it is. Too bad it's not snowing like this in Hoosick Falls—the grands would LOVE it. I don't know that they've had a chance to wear their new snowsuits at all this year. C'est dommage!

I went out earlier, thinking Oh, I'll go for my walk, take some snowstorm pics and, on the way home, pick up the paper. Great thought but I really would've needed mondo snow boots and a cane to make it through all the piles of slush and snow. Yes, it's NOwhere near as horrific as last year AT ALL but it was still slow going for your balance challenged chum. Yeah, that's me.

I made it to the corner store, bought the Globe and stopped at the seawall to snap a couple shots before heading home. While standing on the mat, just inside our front door, I had to, almost entirely, disrobe. I was caked with over and inch of the white stuff and much had soaked through my clothes, down to my skin.

The Amazing Bob was, naturally, giggling while signing Nanook of the North jokes at me. Funny man. Funny, warm and dry man. *grumble, grumble, grumble*

It'll be up in the 40s and sunny over the weekend so all this will be no more than a slushy mess and pretty memory by Monday. I'm good with that.
The seawall steps. NO, I did not descend so's I could get a better shot of the molto chippy surf! A rare moment of smarts.
The water, seen from a relatively safe distance. That darker grey? Yeah, that's ocean.
The grey but very pretty sight from my warm dry kitchen.

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