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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

OK, I've just about had it

So Sanders won Michigan and Clinton won Mississippi yesterday. Sanders’ fans who were in their snarling best yesterday, are all doing the happy dance today. Yesterday on Facebook though, there was much name calling, poo flinging and threats to withhold votes if their man didn’t win. Yup, real mature, real Tea Party-esque of them.

I want the primaries to be fucking over and NOW. It seems the vast majority of citizens are completely unable to read and absorb info that isn’t purely good or evil. Clear, molto obvs choices, ones which involve zero level of thought, seem to be all anyone can grasp. We’ve become a nation of people who can only handle Disney versions of reality.
Let’s just skate through life on surface, shall we? Headline pablum is all we’ll absorb into our minds, right? Forget about nuance and, ya know, reality. Who needs that shit?!

After all, Sander’s has started a revolution!

Except voter turnout, on the left side of the aisle anyway, is down. Where are the hordes of people feeling the Bern? If they’re not streaming into the voting booths in each and every state, do you think they’re working hard and sure to get Progressives into the up-for-grabs House and Senate seats? And if the House and Senate aren’t both solidly blue, do you think there’s a chance in hell that any of Sanders’ fab ideas will become the law of the land?

Sanders is touted as a saint who’s NOT a career politician — except that he’s been in public office, starting as mayor of Burlington, Vermont, since 1981 – that’s 35 years. Sounds like a career to me, just FYI.

Also, you could ask the people of Sierra Blanca, a poor latino community in East Texas about Sanders committment to people versus corporations.

 He targeted Sierra Blanca for the dumpage of Vermont’s nuclear waste.
Instead of acknowledging the environmental injustice that was going on, he washed his hands clean of any responsibility for that. While introducing the bill to the House (to dump Vermont's nuclear waste in Texas), he insisted that it was not Congress’s job to designate a specific disposal site but that the task should be left up to Texas, a thinly veiled attempt to renege on responsibility and instead pass the buck to someone else. As far as he’s concerned, it’s only his job to ensure that somehow Vermont can send their toxic waste to Texas. The town name Sierra Blanca was mentioned over 58 times during the course of the debates on the bill. It’s highly doubtful that Bernie Sanders didn’t know exactly where they were going to dump the toxic waste from Vermont. (source)
Interestingly, the saintly Sanders’ saintly wife Jane sits on the board of the wonderful company who decided this poor brown town would make a fabulous dump site.

Paul Wellstone spoke out on the dumping choice. On top of the environmental injustioce, the area’s geologically unstable – lots of earthquakes. It was a disaster waiting to happen and, as uzh, it wouldn't be happening to the rich or white.
Environmental justice is an issue that demands the full attention of the Senate. If we pass this legislation unamended, we can no longer pretend to be innocent bystanders as one poor, minority community after another is victimized by political powerlessness--and, in some cases, by overt racism. We can no longer pretend that a remedy for this basic violation of civil rights is beyond our reach. That is the ultimate significance of this legislation--and of this debate.
It is a town that has already been saddled with one of the largest sewage sludge projects in the world. Every week Sierra Blanca receives 250 tons of partially treated sewage sludge from across the country.
What’s set me off this morning in particular? A dude who posts interesting art on Facebook came out in flying BernieBro colors last night. He says that Hilary Clinton’s a liar (mon ami, you gotta stop getting your slurs from the Teapublicans – it makes you look…dunno…dim) and, of course there’s the Wall Street shill bullshit.

Is she a Wall Street Shill? No. Check out this chock-full-of-facts, balanced, nuance-y article from The Washington Post.

Clinton isn’t poetry, she’s not a big screen, screaming Hollywood movie white hat. What she is, is astoundingly smart, deeply capable, pragmatic and rock solid. Oh and she’s a leftie too..

Vote for whoever you like in the primaries BUT know your candidate. Don’t just swallow the romantic hype.

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