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Friday, March 4, 2016

The Bearable Randomness of Being

Apologies to Mister Kundera—it's an aimless kind of a morning.
The on line ads—I KNOW that they’re keyed to my Googling habits. Got it. STILL, I’ve already bought the bloody glasses I need. Why keep shoving ads for spectacles into my eyeballs? I wear one pair of blinkers (OK, yes, I have a spare just-in-case pair too), one pair of sunglasses and I’ve already bought them. Recently too! Enough!
Had another one of those gotta-move-from-Valhalla dreams this morning. This brand of dream's thankfully back to a group happening—me, The Amazing Bob, Jen and Oni—not just me alone. The togetherness thing's the only up-side of having to leave Heaven. When relocating as family, the tone of the nocturnal movie-ola changes from alienation parable to odd and/or interesting adventure.

We were moving into a huge industrial type, live in, group studio space in Cambridge (the town where we lived before finding Valhalla). The living quarters weren’t really separate. There were curtained off areas with beds—sort of like hospital ERs now that I think on it. Lucky folks, like your fave Valhallans, got small, private-ish compartments. The rest of the artist mob slept behind thin sheets in a barracks of sorts.

Yeah, this was a way cool studio full of wildly creative individuals. The building was all beautiful, crumbly, exposed brick, floor to ceiling windows with tall leafy trees peaking in. There were giant slab rollers and kilns everywhere.
It was clay nirvana is what it was. And then I poked around a corner and saw someone making slab built figures just like I used to do. Yes, my subconscious is telling me to start playing in the terra cotta again.

Still, by dream’s end, I realized that we couldn’t move in. Too many people, too crowded and NO ocean. I felt incredibly mature when I announced, Lovely as all this is, we just can’t live here.

And then I woke up. What’s all this mean? Beyond the fact that I love where I live and who I live with? Got me hangin'.
Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.
                   ~ Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland
The more I do nothing, the less I want to do anything. Inertia—it’s a killah!

Mind you, I am putting in a lot of work hours this week. Being a freelancer means, for me, grabbing ALL the hours, ALL the projects I can, while I can because next week there might be fuck all coming in. So, being busy, busy, busy is good, good, double+ good but also exhausting and annoying.

My knees hurt from sitting all day. My head aches from staring at the screen for a zillion hours at a stretch. I’m not getting my daily work out in which means that my sinuses are fucked, my mood’s in a ditch and, oh yeah, I’m all achey.

Today I need to throw myself out the door for a good LONG walk and/or trike ride before I start up with the layout/design action.

Maybe I’ll sit with another cuppa coffee first.
Nothing happens until something moves.
~ Albert Einstein

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