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Sunday, July 17, 2016


The always VERY serious Maderer/Grant Dynamic Duo
There are moments, long ones, when being without TAB feels well beyond my ability to bear. His health'd been declining pretty steadily for, mebbe, the past five years. I saw that, I knew it and it scared the ever livin' fuck outta me. I feared losing him...a way, mega lot.

Who am I without The Amazing Bob? He loved me for me – Nf2ed, neurotic BS spewing, fart machining, chubby, molto opinionated, potty mouthed, naggy bitch that I am. And yeah, those are my good points.

I loved him – his dicky tickered, grumpy ass, homebody, jazz head, punning, poetry writing, beautiful, kind, giving, baking, silly creative self.

He got me. We were on the same wavelength.

Today my soul, my being is a raw, abraded mess.

Here are some more memories of my wonderful AMAZING Bob:

Us, right after we said our I dos – 15 years after the fact.
Miles told his chums that we just wanted to, ya know,
make sure things'd work before signing on the dotted line.
 I just remember Bob as this oasis of calm in the Copy Cop madness (and the hot wax mess that i was at 19). He was like a soothing balm and I loved that he liked corny jokes. He was part of the rescue mission that was the group I encountered at Copy Cop. You all shaped me as an adult whether you realized it or not.

Bob Ray
I can still hear Bob’s voice booming out of the Kopy Kop PA. And I have a really warm memory of him being one of the best people I ever met. I don't have any specific reasons for that, it was just something I instantly knew, that he was then and forever one of the good ones.

I also remember, when you had invited me over to take some photos as reference for a painting, his stern admonition: "No nudies.”
I remember starting in Copy Cop and Bob made me feel so welcome. I thought his humour very quirky and couldn't figure it out for a while! I was always in a good mood working with him and even when I messed up (more than once!) it was never a big deal...maybe it (probably!) was but he never let on. I always thought you guys made a great couple.
During the early 1990s, while working at Copy Cop, I accepted a position, that brought me to the  company’s main branch. There, my kind-hearted, early morning colleagues (Bob, Donna and Jen) made me feel most welcome.

One of the perks — receiving a daily wake up call, accompanied by a verse of poetry, from Bob.

What a wonderful way to start the day!
When I think Of Bob, I think of a poet, a master baker, a rabid Red Sox fan and a voracious reader. I see Bob an exemplary father and a delighted grandfather. He was a cynic, a wordsmith, a wit and a man whose tough life experience was faced with a gentle soul. For me, the most lasting image of Bob is of a warm, attentive, doting and deeply in love husband. I’ve known Donna for a long time and I will always be grateful to Bob for bringing her so much joy, comfort, understanding, perfectly matched humor and his always comfortable presence.

And really, we are all so lucky that those are Bob’s gifts to us all.
This next memory is from Patti Jordano. She’s TAB’s heart guy’s (Doc Drachman) tremendously fab nurse practitioner.
It has been my honor to care for your husband over the years. I will miss seeing him in clinic. The two of you had a beautiful relationship. I will miss hearing Bob say to you (at the end of each appointment), that we said “eat more cookies.” I always laughed when he said this.
Yeah, he always got a big, fat Yes Dear from me for this grinning translation of the good medic’s instructions.

I want him back. NOW! K? Please?

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