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Monday, August 8, 2016

Inadvertently on the Qui Vive

I really tried to drift peacefully off to dreamland last night. Honest and true. Did it happen? Did I go all Rip Van Winkle on myself? Did I reach the dark side of Nod?

Fuck no. The Anti-SnoozeTime Monster was big and inna houz.

At around 1:30 I turned on the light, grabbed my iPad and surfed for a bit. I figured that’d get me back to sleep. Silly me.

What’d I find?

Not only is Jill Stein playing footsie with the anti vaxxer crowd, she’s now touting WiFi as dangerous.
Last week, we discussed Jill Stein’s deeply troubling ideas about science, and her seeming commitment to pandering to the anti-vaccine movement despite her legitimate doctor qualifications. Why, Jill Stein, whyyyyyyy? You had almost three decades as a distinguished physician and researcher under your belt. By qualifications alone you should be the most scientifically literate person on the national scene... (source)
Is she strokin' the rubes or is she a doctor the same way that Ben Carson's a neuro-surgeon (i.e.: one I wouldn't trust to work on a dead weasel)?
Meynell-Rheim's Sleeping Beauty. I was neither last night.

The Bloggess was having a rough night.
I’m having one of those nights where – against all logic – I find myself feeling small.  Not a good small, like “Aren’t you adorable? I want to put you in my pocket” but that insignificant, unimportant sort of small.
OOF! We should’ve gotten together for a mug of Sleepy Time and some mutual cheerleading.

Yastreblyansky over at No More Mister Nice Blog talks about What’s not the Matter with Kansas. He’s optimistic that the Tea Partiers will be voted out, that positive change is coming. Commenter Ken L notes that:
Pieter Bruegel, The Land of Cockaigne
There's a real danger in personalizing this kind of commentary. It's almost as if the economic mismanagement was all Brownback's fault, just like the Iraq catastrophe was all down to that George what's-his-name fella. And once they've been swept out of office (and history), we can all go back to normal.

We should constantly reiterate that the REPUBLICAN PARTY wrecked Kansas, and Louisiana, and brought on the GFC, and destabilized the Middle East so badly it will take at least a generation to undo the damage. Bush, Cheney, Jindal and Brownback weren't brutal dictators riding roughshod over massive protests inside their own party; they were nothing more than the agents of that party implementing party orthodoxy.

And what the Republican Party has done before, it will try to do again. The identity of the person who happens to be holding executive office when they win power is fairly irrelevant.
Yup. I'm with Ken on this.

 In Texas, Aryan Brotherhood in 'chaos' after federal takedown:
"God forgives. Brothers don't," is the gang's mantra, and Parker had dared to question the authority of a higher-up. In retribution, he was beaten, burned and left for dead in the North Texas countryside.
They tried to murder one of their own, failed and got nailed. Couldn’t happen to a more egregiously heinous trail of barely sentient slug slime.

And finally, This is Colossal has a post up of Daniel Kordan’s night sky pics from Bolivia's Salar de Uyuni salt flats. Brilliant, spectacular stuff. I turned to show the incredible images to TAB – he absolutely loves night sky, planets, stars and stuff shots – but….ummmm, you know.

After a good cry, I picked up Library of Souls – third in the Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children series – and read until Rocco announced his presence with authority.

You’re not asleep but you’re also not patting me, skritching my chin OR fetching my brekkie. GET UP YOU SLAG!
Maybe I’ll get a nap in later today. Yeah, that’d be nice.

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