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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Rainy Season

My friend Luis, who lives in a rainy season-y part of Mexico, wrote this lovely, soothing poem and has given me permission to post.
The Rainy Season

rain runs (to)gather
forming larger drops
splitting in2 finer fall
like living cells

to the showers

soft shushing cymbals
whisper through my palapa
(thunder)beats boom
onto my rooftop
brume brooms
the dust away

nature or
whatever you perceive
is a natural drummer

i like percussion too
i wander beneath the nightly storms
if only to feel monsoon in my hair
thrumming down
my (l)own(ly)
back beat

as are you
so are we
as are we
so are you

as are we
so are you
as are you
as are we

Luis Lemus

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