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Thursday, August 18, 2016


This is my first birthday in 30 years without The Amazing Bob. I don’t think I know how to birthday-ize without him. If he was here, there’d already be a carrot cake (made with EXTRA carrots!) in the fridge. He liked to do the baking a day in advance. This morning he’d magic up the cream cheese frosting. MMMMMMMMMMMM! I always licked the spoons and bowl clean and shiny afterwards. OF COURSE!

In the years when my magnificent superhero – The Fabulous Baker Man – didn’t feel up to performing his usual kitchen wonderments, we’d go to Saint Fratelli’s for their carrot cake. It wouldn't be as awesome as TAB’s creation BUT it was still bloody good. Swoonworthy even.

I recall one year, TAB asked the young lady who was waiting on us, to add extra frosting carrots – a LOT of them. He had such a big grin on his face when he made the request. Basically, the top of the cake was just one giant orange triangle. It was tremendous!

So then, what will I do today (besides savagely miss my beautiful man)? Not much, I think. I’ll paint, knit, read and then, later, it's out to dinner with Jen and Oni. Dunno if I’ve mentioned this already BUT Jen and Oni have been taking the most brill care of me. This, losing TAB, would likely not have been survivable without them. Really.

Maybe I’ll take a short, very gentle trike ride too. I fucked up my hamstring a few days back – one of 'em anyway. It was the first day that I felt emotionally steady enough to ride without rolling so, naturally, I overdid it.

My motto? Why do when you can OVERdo!


  1. Happy Birthday dear someday-we'll-meet friend, Donna. I didn't know it was going to be your birthday, but **just yesterday** I put money down at the Cambridge Adult Ed for a beginner ASL class. Today's images are achingly beautiful. You were born in carrot season that's for sure. We have a CSA and while they are small this year (on account of the drought), they are steady contributors to our pickup.

    Regarding your large format original paintings: we need a show, a space to see them, to celebrate your talent and to purchase them if one so desires. I thought of this because right now at the Lincoln Library is the most delightful show. This particular space is an impossible location, even I didn't go to the opening (not going to hang in Lincoln too long after work is done). She posted that she did sell 2 paintings. I do get to enjoy it when I go at lunchtime break and chill/get away from the computer/meditate in a comfy leather chair. Hey, her name is Donna too: Very fun. Best words with pictures that I've seen in a while.

    Happy Birthday again. I'm so sorry your beloved personal baker is now cavorting in different realm. From what I can tell you are grieving and celebrating him well. Take care. -Wendy

    1. Thank you so much Wendy. Tell me when you start your ASL classes – I'll come in and meet you sometime.

      Also – love Donna Howard's work!

    2. That would be fabulous if all things align! It's in the early evening: 9 Mondays, 6-7:30pm, starting Sept 19th. Taught by Sara Vallesteros CAEC (on Brattle in Harvard Sq).

    3. COOL! Just lemme know what works for you.