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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Surrealistic Journey

My Sunday plan was to drive up to Hoosick Falls via Route 2 versus the Pike so’s I could stop at Freight House Antiques. They’ve a fab-city vegetarian café/lunch counter and I always find a little MUST HAVE/CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT amongst their vast relic collection. Could be a Danger Will Robinson, Danger stop but I’m, surprisingly, able to limit myself. Also too, I’ve got my camera so I can capture a pic of the budget busters that can’t come home with me. This lamp’s a great example of that. No, I didn’t look for the price tag nor did I bother to even ask. Dunno where I’d put it anyway. *sigh* Better to snap and walk away.

This wrought iron bat coat hook, below left, (worth every penny at $12) was my consolation prize for being so righteously virtuous vis a vis the stunning Victorian beauty.

I was nervous about the drive because, as y’all know, HATE driving and I’m a regular ol’ Grief Demon now. I burst into tears regularly and without a shit-ton warning. Could I make the drive safely?

Yes BUT I got lost. Can you believe this shit? I’ve been doing the Boston to Hoosick Falls drive for well over 30 years and I got near hopelessly off track. *sigh* It happened when I took the wrong Brattleboro exit in Vermont. All the signs confused me and I ended up back in Massachusetts on Route 2 again. I thought This is OK. I’ll just take 2 to Route 22 in New York and head north from there. Ah….no.

A trip which, with my Freight House stop, should’ve taken no more than four hours, became a six hour journey. Now, the upside is that I saw some absolutely astoundingly gorgeous scenery. The drive from Greenfield to Williamstown was breathtakingly beautiful. The down side, I was driving and rockin’ the agitata so didn’t stop to take pictures. Obvs I need to make a return trip so’s I can go all snap-happy and, yeah, someone else def needs to be behind the wheel.

Oh and I even got disoriented and adrift in Bennington. Bennington! A small town I’ve visited more times than I can count and I got lost. Incredible.

An exhausting expedition but, ya know, I can’t think of a more spectacularly stunning area of the country to be so doofusly off course.

After I got to Helen’s, had a nice rest and a cuppa, we went off to Amorici’s Vineyard in nearby Valley Falls. There, we had a brill meal and wine tasting. Yes, I ended up buying half a case plus a bottle of grappa because, honestly, how could I not?

My voyage home yesterday was via the Pike – dull as it is, there’s just no way I could get lost again.

And I didn't. Yea me.

Embryonic Journey – Jefferson Airplane

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