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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Oni's Table

This has two meanings (of course – doesn't everything?).

First, Oni is just an amazing cook. HIs pasta sauce, mashed potatoes, stews, curries and casseroles (to name just a few brill eats) are outta this world. Oh and he makes bread too! It’s this thick, herb-y stuff. I generally don’t eat bread (too many calories/too few nutrients) but I can’t resist a small piece of his.

Second, Oni has become a stunningly fab furniture maker. He’s made shelves, tables and bed frames before. They’re practical, simple in construction and beautifully stained. Shaker-esque.

What he’s just done this time, however, is a brilliantly gorgeous work of art. Serious and true. This is their (his and Jen’s) new kitchen table. The form fits the function certainly but more. Between the stains, the shape, the amazing tiles and the tremendous mosaic work he’s done (from shards of pots and tiles they had on hand)  this is just fucking stunning!
Now, their kitchen is on two levels. As you enter their back door, you'll find a small area with table and chairs at the window for glorious sunrise watching whilst brekkie noshing. From there, step up into the main part of the large eat-in kitchen. The table bridges the two levels with the upper portion serving as a bar (two tall stools make this perfect). The portion of the table that’s in the main kitchen area is perfect for informal meals and just hangin’ out while J&O make with the magical meal prep.

I could live in their kitchen – between its recent spectacular makeover (also designed by Oni) and this fabola table, it's like sitting inside art. Also, did ya notice? It's shaped like a grand piano. How damn cool is that!

If you want Oni to make you a table like this for your home, leave a comment or email me at donna dot maderer at geemail dot com. We’ll “talk.”

(By the by, I don’t know the name of the person who made the red flower beauties but I’ll find out. Oni bought them through a tile broker.)

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