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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Breathe, Breathe

I'm feeling mega prickly this morning. There is just so much horrific news right now. It’s 24/7 President-elect Narcissist von Spray-Tan-Addict and his monster imbecility.

Are there any sane, NOT on-the-take, Republicans who will put country before party? Are there enough brave, willing to fight hard Democrats who will get us to the other side of the appalling Hell that’s walking through our front doors? (can we clone Senators Warren, Franken, Harris, Duckworth and Booker? PLEASE!) Do I really have to look at Jabba the Hut's uglier, less socially savvy understudy for the next four fucking years?

To forestall a full blown, panic room building freak out, I’m gonna take some deep, deep breaths. Maybe lay on the floor doing relaxation exercises. This may take all day and, possibly, every day for the next four years.

I’ll begin with scenes which calm me.

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