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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I can run but I can't hide

Went to the gym. Swam laps, did the elliptical. Ya know, boosted the ol’ serotonin and attempted a major release those sweet, sweet endorphins and shit. Had therapy which always does me good – puts my brain in close-ISH proximity to the Sea of Tranquility (near as it ever gets anyway) and NO this wasn’t shock therapy. Went to Booksmith and bought not one but two books that look interesting:
Bill Bryson’s The Road to Little Dribbling (LOVE him. I swear, he could urp on a napkin and I’d enjoy reading it)
Koko the Mighty by Kieran Shea.
I know nothing about the author OR this series (this is the second) but Koko’s background is this:
Five hundred years from now, ex-corporate mercenary Koko Martstellar is swaggering through an early retirement as a brothel owner on The Sixty Islands, a manufactured tropical resort archipelago known for its sex and simulated violence. (source)
In this one:
With an outstanding Ultimate Sanction bounty still on her head, Koko Martstellar (ex-mercenary and saloon madam extraordinaire) and Jedidiah Flynn (former orbital sky-cop) have narrowly escaped death in paradise. (source)
C’mon, how can I go wrong!?
Hunny Pie and me – a VERY realistic portrait
And then, later, Jen ordered Chinese food from The Amazing Bob’s fave joint, crafted a few hot toddies, Hillel came over and Oni fired up Cowboys and Aliens (TAB would’ve loved it!). Conspicuously missing was TAB who should've been there opening his bday prezzies. Of course. And how fucked up is it that he wasn't with us?! (Hint: VERY)
An aside: Daniel Craig – star of Cowboys and Aliens and the most recent offerings in the Bond series – is one of those ugly/handsome dudes. He’s got seriously astounding levels of nuclear strength duende though. Wonder what he’ll look like at 60.
So then, in my efforts to celebrate TAB’s birthday versus lying in a deep pit of disconsolate sad, was I able to revel in my beautiful man’s memory? Did I have a big-happy-joy-joy day? Well, I had wonderful moments of remembering TAB’s fabulous silliness, his brill grace, wisdom and wit. I sobbed loud, messy tears and raged that he's not here. So...em.... yes and NO.

By 7PM, all I could do was numbly stare into space, munch on crab rangoons and stare at the telly. Jen, Oni, Hillel and the cats got me through the spiked end of a hard, heavy day. That’s What Friends are For and shit, huh?

Mebbe it looks like I'm trying to outrun my monster leviathan grief. I suppose, some of the time, I am. Today, now that I'm past the huge hurdle of the actual day, I'll chill. I'll run a few errands, do basic taking-care-of-my-life maintenance crap and then I'll chill some more.

I know that, though my astounding Amazing Hunny Pie is gone, I'm not alone.

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