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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Meandering Home

Yesterday was cloudy but no rain or snow, so I decided to take the scenic route home. You know, through Southern Vermont, up over Hogback Mountain and then, down along the Mohawk Trail in Massachusetts.

If I’d more energy I’d have stopped in Wilmington to browse the galleries. I just found out about Skip Morrow’s Gallery of Humor. Man, that would’ve been a fun stop. Next time, next time. There are a few other interesting joints, including Gallery Wright which reps regional talent. After gallery-izing, lunch at Dot’s, a great diner-esque joint, would’ve been in order.

For a hamlet of 2,000 (more or less) souls, they seem to have some cool shit going on.

peanut butter, vanilla and maple walnut...I think.
In any case, I pushed through to Hogback Mountain where I stopped for a pic. One of these days I’ll capture the brilliance of this view. I’m determined. While there I, naturally, had to pop into the gift shop for fudge. The Amazing Bob made the most fabulous, wonderful, ADDICTIVE fudge. A few days after his all too early exit, I found a wee bag of it in the fridge. Ambrosia! Each bite tasted as though he was right there, still with me. I tried to make it last forever. It didn’t. Of course.

No, I don’t imagine the gift shops fudge will bring TAB back to me but, while I nibble, I’ll think of him and dream.

From there I made my way, (without even getting lost!) south to Massachusetts. Just before Erving and my inevitable stop at Freight House Antiques, I passed The French King Motel which is, as one could guess, next door to the French King Bridge (named for a big rock. huh). The view from the bridge is tremendous. I keep thinking that, on some clear, crisp autumn day, I’ll drive out, go all snap happy and then spend the night at this modest little inn. Something about roadside hotels really appeals to me. They feel anonymous, hidden, transitory. It’s as though I’m between dimensions – neither here nor there but floating in some limbo-ish, resting place. Yup, feels all sci fi creepy/cool/cozy/safe.

Back to Realityville though, I managed to restrain myself at the Freight House and only bought a wee blown glass squid paperweight. This mermaid (below – approximately four feet long and two and a half feet tall) really called to me though as did this lovely aeroplane. I’m surprised, gobsmacked if you must know, that I didn’t snatch either of them up.

Why didn’t I? Apart from not wanting to spend the bucks, I couldn’t imagine where I’d put them. TAB always said We’re full up. You bring home anything new and something’s got to go. Smart man. So I asked myself, Do I really need my couch or those tome-laden bookshelves? Ummmm, yes?

Got home and, incredibly, Coco and Rocco didn’t guilt trip me for being gone. Granted, they had Jen and Oni feeding and cosseting them up so maybe it felt like more of a vaca. Huh. They both allowed, though, that they would've been happier had I brought the plane home for them.
I think I really gotta have this!

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