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Saturday, March 25, 2017


My sweet Coco
Rocco, the once and future king
If The Amazing Bob was here now, he'd hug me with with magical, reality defying strength. One TAB hug could bolster my spirits and allow me to survive, thrive and triumph over all the bad dookie comin' my way – every last damn bit of it.

Our boy in his fierce-ish outdoor days
TAB was totally a magic man.

If Rocco had been human instead of a formerly dressed wonderboy kitten, his age at checkout time would have been 73 – just one year younger than TAB. No wonder they got on reasonably well (as well as Rocco got on with anyone besides me, that is) – they were of the same generation. Rocco'd probably been in Nam too...oh wait..nevermind.

MONDO guilt took no time at all to move in and get busy. Of course – guilt is my superpower after all. I was already fretting over all I should’ve done for my boy. Like, ya know:
  • Baked haddock for din-din EVERY night (as opposed to every other night)
  • Endless strokes with that soft brush he loves and I shoulda done this twice daily
  • I shouldn’t have complained when he woke me a 2AM because he was bored (I should've gotten him Netflix. Dammit!)
After it was all over yesterday, I added in Did I do the right thing by him? Did I end things too soon? Honestly? No, it wasn't too soon. I chose the right path AND I cosseted the hell out of my former feral every single day. He was the household king. Rocco had a good life here in Chez Valhalla.

And then last night I dreamt I was sifting Coco’s litter box (FUN! No?). There were endless poops to take out. CLEARLY, with my mania over poor Rocco’s health, I’d been neglecting my princess! I gotta stop this shit. My little princess gets shedloads of affection, attention and treats.

Today I’ll continue to clean the bedroom – Rocco’s home for the last year+ (after his basement dwelling days and brief flirtation with first floor life). Maybe Coco will venture back in.

It’s rilly fuckin’ weird to sleep in a bed without TAB and Rocco in it.

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