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Friday, March 24, 2017

It was time

Today was my fierce former feral's last day. Jen shares some memories of our handsome, odd boy.

Rocco first appeared a few weeks before we moved to The Neck.  Actually it was his shadow that appeared and it engulfed us – long, pointy eared and giving the impression that a giant beast was sneaking up behind us while we sat enjoying our first view of Hingham Bay from the bottom of the seawall steps. When we turned to find out what creature had cast such an ominous shadow, we caught a glimpse of the tip of his head from above. It was just Rocco – a tiny, curious, adorable, fluffy tuxedo kitten who would later become a giant part of our lives.

Once settled in our new houses, Donna and Bob cast their magical cat net, hoping that Rocco might fall in and make their home his own. They left food outside, sprinkled treats around their door, lay cushions out in the warm weather and a heated cat-house in the cold. Rocco gladly accepted their generosity but was never quite able to muster the courage to cross their threshold. He was most comfortable outside, where he remained for about ten years.

Little did Bob and Donna know but for probably half of those ten years, Rocco was forming a plan.  He was going to retire one day, and when he did, he was finally going to join Bob and Donna inside their comfortable, warm, loving home. Good plans take time though and, being a smart resourceful cat, Rocco didn't rush it. Nor did he mention to either of them that one day they'd all be collecting their Social Security checks together. Imagine their surprise, one chilly morning, when Rocco dashed between Donna's legs, into their living room!

Bob and Donna were the perfect housemates for Rocco. They rolled with it when Rocco moved into their basement for his first two 2 months indoors (being inside was scary!). And they rolled with it when he decided he'd had enough dusty subterranean lair living and moved up to their bedroom (where he would remain for the rest of his life).  Bob and Donna simply loved Rocco, and wanted him to be comfortable and happy, and Rocco loved them right back.  Never had a more deserving sweet kitty found such wonderful, loving human doormats.

Bob would've been heartbroken at Rocco's passing today. Donna will dearly miss her supportive four legged little buddy who has seen her through these last eight months without The Amazing Bob.  I believe Rocco held onto life as long as he did so that he could be there for his best pals Bob and Donna, during the hardest times of both their lives.  He was good like that, a true rock, the wonderful Rocco.
Time spent with a cat is never wasted.
~ Colette


  1. They live short but fierce lives, don't they?

    This was a great tribute to his life.

    1. Thank you. Rocco was a force of nature and a wonderful beastie. So odd to go to sleep at night without him at my side.

  2. Aww. Sorry your boy is gone. That's hard.