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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Good News/Annoying News

Yes, I made him show me his socks
yesterday. Sadly, no purple stripes.
I had a follow up with my fashion forward cutter, Doc Yoon, yesterday.

Good News:
The damn patch came off (YEA!!!) and he feels that my eye and mouth look good – healing nicely. (YEA again!!!)

With the big white bandage off I can take a full head to toe shower again. I can do all my daily stretching exercises again. I can swim laps again! YIPPEE!!!

I also asked about the double vision issue. This was on that list of shit that could happen but probably wouldn’t (right after mid surgery invasion by Martians) and really worried me. Of course it did! Turns out the list was generic – the procedure I had didn't involve the muscles/nerves that'd lead to double vision. Sheesh – I've had a low level percolating anxiety all this time for nothing!

The Annoying:
The patch is off BUT there’s a stitch keeping my eye shut. That stitch won’t come out for another week. Why? The tissue taken from the inside of my mouth was put into my lower lid. Warum? **shrugs** He told me – I forget. In any case, he wants to keep the lids inactive-ish for another week to make sure the graft sticks/holds.

OK, I get it. I totally understand BUT I HATE this! Between my initial appointment with the good Doc Yoon and now, I forgot that I’d be visually limited for TWO weeks. In my impatient head, I equated patch removal with having both eyes on the job again.

So then, this means that driving is off my can do list for another full week (*sigh*).

I can take the bus to the Y and grocery store which is great but means a quicky run to pick up dinner makings, cat fud and coffee becomes an all morning deal. The Y? That’s now a full afternoon. I’ve got a big BIG layout job coming in and can’t afford to take full days off. Also too, my pharmacy’s not on a bus line. What to do? What to do?
Dear Mr. Larson, cats aren't this dumb. Honest!

Jen will pick up my meds on her way home from work. I hate to ask but she really doesn’t mind AND it’s on her route anyway.

I just solved the coffee issue by ordering from Grounds for Change.
Grounds for Change is a certified organic coffee roaster specializing in 100% Fair Trade Coffee. We roast Organic Fair Trade Coffee that is grown in shaded conditions…
I got eight ounces each of the Spring Seasonal, Cafe Femenino Peru, Classic Espresso and the Dolce Espresso. LOVE this place.

I’ve got enough food in the house to last me and Coco the week. Naturally, I don’t feel like eating ANY of it. Nope, I want something different but what? A mega prob only solvable by slowly walking up and down all the aisles of my local Stop&Shop. (*cough* firstworldproblems) Emmm, I can wait on the fud store.

So, this just leaves the Y. Given that I work from home and my hours are generally flexible, I could take the afternoons off and continue work after dinner.

Not being able to drive isn’t the end of the world. It's just annoying.


  1. I think I might feel a bit imprisoned if I couldn't drive.

    But I wouldn't be. I can get everything I want or need without a car. It would just be paranoia or something.

    I hope you're back in the fast lane soon.

    1. Me too and thank you. I didn't own a car until I was in my late 40s – owning one in Boston would've been an unneeded expense and mondo headache. Out here in Valhalla it feels like a total necessity. I love where we live but miss the fact that I could walk EVERYwhere and anywhere. As long as it was within town that is.