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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Things That Are Good

Coco woke me up this morning – it’s the second time she’s done this since our boy went off to Angelsville. Before Rocco moved in, Coco gave me my rise and shine call each morning by leaping onto my tummy with all four very heavy morning feets. This def stirred my sleepy ass BUT I didn’t jump outta bed, ready to face the day. Nope. We’d cuddle, I’d pat her, she’d settle in, with her purr engines going full bore and I’d get another 15 or so of dreamtime. Yes, très cozy. This morning was like old times.

This is good

One of the things that really helped me get through the ultra mega bad first weeks without my hero, my Amazing Bob, was work. I’m no Günther Kieser, will never be confused with Milton Glaser or Saul Bass BUT, on my small graphic design level, I do OK. The work, even the most lame-ass layout crap, totally and completely absorbs me. This is work/my day job and yet it’s like a mini-vaca for my over stressed, Sadsville brain.

I’ve had absolute mountains, Denali’s worth of work over this past week since my good boy Rocco croaked.

This is good.

My upcoming eye surgery’s more involved, will have a longer, more complicated recovery time and is a bit scary. The surgeon gave me a waiver (is that what they’re called?) to sign. You know, the thing that lays out all the possible surgical risks, such as:
  • Noticeable scarring
  • Infection and bleeding
  • Injury to eye muscles
  • You could lose an eye!
  • Martians might invade while I’m slicing and dicing, expecting me to serve high tea RIGHT then and there! That would add time to the procedure. Of course. (NOT actually on the good surgeon's list, FYI)
  • etc.
This, naturally, pushed my fright clean over into the Laughing WTF! Zone. I had to ask What else? and threw out the Martian invasion scenario. Doc Yoon allowed that the Martians prolly wouldn’t get past the surgical floor’s receptionists. They’re kind of tough/hard core. K. Cool.

So yeah, I’m nervous BUT I’ve more wonderful chums than I deserve and they will all help me get through this with humor (LOVE this How To sent to me by Maria, re: my upcoming one-eyed Jackness!), pastry, books and, of course, Chianti. Also too, I like Doc Yoon. He was wearing a bright, patterned purple shirt under his staid dark grey suit yesterday AND he had on matching, horizontal striped purple, black and grey socks too. Gotta love a cutter with fashion sense.

This is good.

The rain has finally ended and the temp will actually hit 50 today! I believe I’ll go for a barefoot walk on Nantasket this afternoon.

YEA! This is SO good.

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