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Friday, May 26, 2017

Jellicle Origins

Where do we come from. I know, I know, Women are from Venus/Men are from Mars. (insert sky shattering eye-roll here)

Jen, Oni and I were discussing this before dinner last night. We know that Jen’s family emigrated from Ireland and Germany. Mine? Ireland, Italy and Germany. Oni’s mother’s family came from England. His father’s didn’t come here from elsewhere – they’re Seneca, one of the Six Nations (Haudenosaunee Confederacy) from Western New York.

But what about our respective ancient roots? You know, back before bi-pedaldom. It seems clear that our old ones were – no surprise here – cats.

Oni fer instance shares mas ancient roots with Maine Coon Cats. MCC’s are known to be big, sweet tempered yet mischievous, mellow and gentle. The boychiks can be shy. Also too – gorgeous, as is Oni Star.

Me? My foredaddies and mummies were full blooded tuxedo cat. Why am I so sure of this? After 14 years with Rocco and six with Coco, it seems obvs. Tuxes are known to be mega smart (and I ain’t no box ‘o’ rocks, mon ami!). Word is, they’re also extroverted, relaxed and street-wise  – all things which, to some degree, can be said of yurs truly.

My good Tux boy Rocco was street savvy but I wouldn’t, in any universe, call him chilled out or outgoing. Princess Coco is generally a people person but she has definite limits. Too much face-time and she retires to her high castle. I fall somewhere in between the two.

The Spruce tells me that:
  • People who have agreed to serve TCs as food providers and toy throwers are more attractive than the average humans.
  • Dogs are afraid of TCs.
  • People who win lotteries are statistically more likely to live with TCs.
  • Plants grown in houses where TCs reside are healthier and generally 20-50% larger than plants in non-TC households.
They’ve other completely unbiased, well researched factoids at the site. Def worth a look  especially if, like me, you’re descended from Tux’s.

Oni and I debated Jen's feline lineage. I was thinking her forebearers were calicoes, like Rosie. Rosie was rock solid focused on getting her needs met whether those were treats, naps or having her quiet time, watching the world rumble by from the porch window. And Bast help the poor soul who got in the way of her and her goal. She could be scary...JUST LIKE JEN!

Buzzfeed tells me that:
  • Calico Cats are Magical. (DUH!)
  • You can't breed them. (true!)
  • Over centuries, they migrated from Egypt to your living room. (Jen migrated from Scituate not Egypt but that’s a minor quibble, eh?)
  • They protect humans with their magic powers. (VERY true in Jen’s case!)
  •  Former Attorney General John Ashcroft thought they were a sign of the devil. (Ya know, could be but if she’s a devil, gotta say, they totes rock!)
Oni thinks Jen's more like Skitter, (a ‘70s era grey Tux of a sort) gorgeous and adorable. Also too—he noted the long tail’s a dead giveaway. I don't see the tail part but hey, what do I know?

I think we're both right.

The Amazing Bob? Going by Ralf and B.O.P., TAB was DEF from orange tabby stock! Both Ralf and B.O.P. were friendly as all hell, abundantly giving, loved a good game of catch and were fierce as all hell when crossed – they were nobody’s sweet little pom pom. Neither was a pet. Nope, Ralf and B.O.P. were full fledged roommates. Add in this for TAB – brilliant, laid back, emitted calming rays, was sinfully handsome and MINE.


  1. No no no, fergoodnesssakes. Cats are indeed evidence extraterrestrials visited some time in the deep dark of antiquity, left here to keep an eye on us.

    1. Well, our Valhalla cats are doing an excellent job of that! Also, I guess this means that Jen, Oni and I are aliens. AWESOME! Take me to your leader -- we will hork up fur balls all over his ugly ass.