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Monday, May 8, 2017

Jen and Oni's Big Adventure

Jen and Oni are on vaca in, for starters, Colorado. From here they'll motor up to Portland, Oregon.

Right now they're along the western edge of the state, near the town of Grand Junction. This was the childhood burg of Dalton Trumboaward winning screenwriter, author of the absolutely searing anti-war novel Johnny Got his Gun and one of the "Hollywood Ten" – writers who were blacklisted in 1947 for refusing to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee about supposed/imagined Communist influences in HollywoodLand. This obscenity against democracy and our constitution was headed up by Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin. McCarthy was Trump/Tom Cotton/Jeff Sessions/Mitch McConnell all rolled into one. Yep, he was a real peachy asswipian traitor to humanity.

Why’s Trumbo depicted in a bathtub while writing? The man knew and honored what worked for his magical creative process.

Back on Jen and Oni’s big holiday though, they’re seeing wild goats roaming along the road, the stone beauty of Colorado National Monument park and, of course, cats.

The black beauty's name is Spike. They didn't catch the goat's handle.

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