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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Good News

Before I could even log on to the JetBlue site to send my HEY-this-wasn’t-right email, two separate missives, telling me of cash deposited in my JetBlue Travel Bank, popped into my inbox.

Huh, waddya know!

I still sent them my story, my unhappiness over that unnecessarily heinous day. Since they’d already given a nod, a few shekels, towards redress I framed my kvetch as a suggestion. If you’d done X, things would’ve been way less fucked up, onerous and just plain awful.

No, I didn’t use those words. Also, the site only gave me 1,000 characters to tell the tale and get to the point. Yup. BIG challenge for yers truly. After outlining Friday’s dreadful unpleasantness, I laid out two bits that would’ve greatly lightened/eased the shitstorm.
Had I received an email before leaving the house in the morning, the stress could've been cut in half. Failing that, being booked into the airport hotel for the day (at Jet Blue expense – so that I could relax while waiting out this unusual, unfortunate set of circumstance) would've made a big difference.
I don’t necessarily expect a reply but then, I hadn’t anticipated the Travel Bank deposit either.

Also too, Monday morn’s home bound flight? It was the extreme opposite of Friday's nightmare. I zoomed through security (it wasn't yet 4AM so no surprise there I guess), the flight left on time AND we landed a whopping 25 minutes early. Ahhhhh, much better! (to say the least)

Not only that, I got to board early AND a very nice flight attendant escorted me down the jet bridge and onto the plane. Possibly she noticed how tippy I was (due to a caffeine insufficiency as much as my old Nf2-ng head). I would’ve managed just fine without BUT it was mighty gracious.

I’m mondo relieved. With just two exceptions (including Friday) I’ve always had astoundingly FABola experiences with JetBlue – so much so that I’m hesitant to fly anyone else. Not only do they usually have the best prices, there’s the extra legroom (even in NONbulkhead seats) as well as their always stellar customer service.

In a recent J.D. Power study, Southwest and JetBlue rated as number one and number two in the low cost carrier category. Forbes and Time/Money also place JetBlue in the number two spot, right after Virgin. I'm happy (DUH) there are other highly rated options BUT I'm mega pleased that I don't need to break up with JetBlue over this recent horrendously unfortunate experience.

My Google search also brought up who NOT to fly EVAH. These include Spirit, Frontier, American and, of course, United

Well OK then!

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