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Monday, June 26, 2017


Yes, yezzzzzzz, I know.  Sunrise pics are spectacularly cliché. They can also be wonderfully beautiful which, I suppose, is how they became Oh-I've-seen-this-before-this-is-SO-nothing-new-zzzzzzzz. Does beauty, if seen enough, if overexposed like so many Marylins, always become cliché?

Long, dawn walks on the beach – another cliché. I don’t care. They’re restorative, peace imbuing and meditative PLUS I get some damn exercise. What’s not to love? I don’t need to be creatively imaginative – groundbreaking – in all that I do. Yes, doubtless there are zillions of new, as yet undiscovered ways to meditate. Why not go with something that solidly, every-damn-time works for me though?

For that matter, it’s bloody unlikely that I’ll ever be blindingly unique in anything I do. Yes, I am, in general, rather sui generis-y but let’s not forget the wise words of good ol’ Pablo honey – Good artists copy, great artists steal. Me, I steal the dawn.

I got my computer back from Mister Wizard yesterday. Sadly, file recovery is not some magical, miraculous deal. I've got thousands of individual Illustrator, InDesign and image files, all without names (just extensions), not organized in their original folders and these aren't just my work files either. Every damn pic, every blessed doc that I've ever tossed, it seems, has come back to me. OOOF! Most of what I've waded through so far is not what I need either. *sigh* These babies were trashed for a reason.

So, ya see, it's a damn good thing I took that dawn stroll on Nantasket. I've at least a couple days of astoundingly frustrating hunting and cleaning ahead of me. Gotta say, this is one hell of a way to get me to organize my poor overworked computer!


  1. Those are still great pictures, cliche or not. Especially that top one.

    But next time, I think I want to see something new under the sun, with no analog in human history.

    For now, these pictures are great!

  2. :-) I'll get on that brand-y new under the sun request, STAT. :-)

    Also too – thanks!