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Saturday, June 24, 2017


Surf school!
Carnival on the beach! Awesome spot to work.
So then, what'd I do with my big, enforced work-free day? Nantasket, of course. I got there well past sunrise so there were actual people, HUMANS, everywhere! OK it wasn't bad. It was still early, relatively cool and overcast. I got in a brill, long walk and some snaps which I hope turn out to be ethereally moody telling stories of a beach days that are sad, a little bit tawdry yet beautiful and absorbing.You know, Raymond Carver-sque.

Yeah, I want an awful damn lot from my pics. True.

I took myself out to lunch, ate too much, had an I-just-know-I-shouldn't mid-day glass 'o' the grape, came home and cleaned. Thrilling, no? No. I was desperately trying to duck my fears and anxieties vis-à-vis my erroneously tossed (by ME! DOH!!!) work files. Mister Wizard gave me an update at around 5PM. Yes, there were in fact files being recovered BUT he wouldn't know for another few hours whether they were readable. *sigh*

Thankfully, helpfully, I've got a good, fun, distracting book that I'm reading. Tom Holt's The Management Style of the Supreme Beings. Holt's stories always take me out of whatever sorry-ass, moody patch I'm in, making me smile and think, even if just while I'm buried in the pages. I thought I was all de-stressified when I shut the lights off for the night but my dreams told me otherwise. Yup. I spent the whole night, theoretically asleep, rebuilding my work folders, laying out letterhead jobs, putting brochures together and designing table top art. Busy night.

How early is TOO early to check in with Mister Wizard? It's 6 AM but they've got a four year old so they'd be up now, right? Maybe I should wait -- it is Saturday after all. *sigh* Maybe I should hit the gym, run some errands and then send my 1,001 freaked out-did-you-recover-my-files?-Can-I-have-my-computer-back-NOW!? texts. Yeah, that's a solid plan.