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Friday, June 23, 2017

It's Friday and Yet...

Queen of the Spazoids here. How did your faithful putz fuck up this time? Yesterday morning, whilst attempting to free up disk space on my poor beleaguered laptop, I accidentally deleted ALL of my work files. Yes, including the very ones I was working on.

I didn't discover this until afternoon when I went to make edits on the brochure job. PANIC!

I immediately texted my wonderful IT wizard, PJ.
An aside -- last time I had a major crap out was a winter solstice. Yesterday was the summer solstice. Mebbe my machines are telling me that these are HOLIDAYS DAMMIT and I should be doing nada but watching the sunrise, drinking in the light/the scents of the seasons and otherwise communing with nature (or, if you're from these pahts, natcha).
Mister Wizard instructed me to turn off the computer immediately in order to avoid overwriting the data. OK. I don't need to understand how all this shit works -- the whys and wherefores of it all, I just need the damn files to live again. He's working on it and will give me a status update later today.

In the meantime, while my previously under appreciated Mac is under the knife, I've got this vile Windows machine. Frankly, my elderly iPad is less annoying/easier to maneuver around on. Grumble, grumble, kvetch.

So then, today is an unexpected day off (to be feverishly made up on Sunday and Monday -- I've got deadlines DAMMIT!). I believe I'll hit Nantasket -- breathe deep, chat with the seagulls and see if me and my Samsung NX3000 can capture some gorgeous waves.