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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

It’s Picture Day!

No, rilly it is but first a little kvetch.

I’m sad about that Georgia race. Of course. I’m also angry at the DNC – they certainly publicized the Hell out of Ossoff but I don’t think they actually helped him any. In fact, I think the DNC, in their guilt trippy, whiny, THE-SKY-IS-FALLING emails shot themselves, Ossoff and us in the foot.

Steve M. illustrates this over at No More Mister Nice Blog.
Parnell has also been declared a loser of his race -- but he lost by only 3.2 points in a deep-red district. Right now, Ossoff is trailing Republican Karen Handel by 5.2 points in a district that's also solidly red, but where Hillary Clinton made it a squeaker last November.
Yeah, there was a whole other special election going on over in South Carolina. Did you know about that? Me neither.

Could someone please slap the DNC around for me? Maybe get the Obamas to educate them on how to play eleventy dimensional political chess. PLEASE!

Enough crabbing and carping let’s have some soothing and silly pics. Della's introduced me to the wonders of SnapChat. FUN!
Fun with bunny ears and glasses
And then we went supernatural – Vampire Bunny and Evil Secretary by way of Harley Quinn
Finally, a solstice sunrise

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