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Sunday, June 18, 2017


A LOT of turkeys today!

First and undoubtedly most important, this beauty at right, is the ocellated turkey. They make their home on the Yucatan Peninsula. Yeah babies, I SO want to go there now!

Back when we lived in East Cambridge, it was not unusual at all to come across wild turkeys as I walked home from work through the MIT campus. A lot of green space there. The boids are HUGE – much larger than I expected and absolutely stunning. Now, if you rolled one of these wild sweeties in disco glitter and Galaxy Chic you might get an ocellated turkey.

Have you heard about Clownstick’s latest you’ve-got-to-be-fucking-kidding-me, this’d-be-funny-if-it-was-fiction unqualified hire? A wedding, "upscale events and celebrity golf tournaments" planner is the new director for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (for Region II which includes NY and NJ).

But HEY, she did a bang up job with ugly Trump son’s wedding and that, according to the Giant Orange Id, means she’s got the chops to do all kinds of housing policy and urban planning doohickey thingies, RIGHT?

Lynne Patton claims a law degree from Quinnipiac but actually only attended two semesters. She also says she went to Yale – no evidence of this either. Huh, she fibs. I guess that, right there, is the real qualifier for working in this, the Grifter Administration.
More shit that don’t make a lick of sense – a woman was convicted (involuntary manslaughter) of encouraging her boyfriend to commit suicide BUT that cop, you know, the one who shot and killed a black guy in Minnesota (all insanity caught on video)? Yeah, he’s free and in the clear.

Lemme see if I can follow the logic here – if a shooter is a police officer and the dead person is any shade of brown PHHT – killer walks. If the killer’s not a cop (or a, preferably, white male)? Conviction!

The City of St. Anthony said after the verdict that Yanez "will not return to active duty." In a statement, the city said that it "has concluded that the public will be best served if Officer Yanez is no longer a police officer in our city." It said that Yanez would receive a "voluntary separation agreement.” (source)
Seems to me, they’re basically saying, Yeah, he’s guilty as hell but we don’t put cops, not even trigger happy, killer ones, in jail. I wonder what the voluntary separation agreement is? Parting gifts and thanks for playing?

Philando Castile is dead. Conrad Roy is dead. Neither should be.

Back to the suicide cheerleader – while I believe everyone has the right to take their own life, no one should EVER be encouraged to do so. EVER!

Why’d she do it? In the beginning, when he said he wanted to die, she was telling him he had a lot to live for. From reading, it looks like she eventually decided to help him achieve his goal and was desperately unclear on the concept (both concepts – help and death). Seems to me, the young woman should be inpatient at McLean’s versus prisoner #12345 at MCI Framingham.

Got a loved one who wants to end it all? Get help.
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline  – 1-800-273-8255


  1. If everyone had a disco turkey, there'd be more happiness and elss killing and lying.

    That's a great turkey.