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Monday, June 5, 2017


Jen and I went to see the first showing of Wonder Woman yesterday morning. Holy motherfucking WOW – FABULOUS flick!

Robin Wright (AKA Princess Buttercup of The Princess Bride) played the fierce but fair General Antiope, Diana’s aunt and battle trainer.
Chris Pine (AKA the awesome New Kirk) played Steve Trevor.
And the totally perfect-for-the-role, tremendous Gal Gadot plays the new, spectacular Wonder Woman.

Trevor’s compatriots, his partners in saving mankind?
Saïd Taghmaoui is actor wannabe Sameer (I would have liked to have been an actor but I’m the wrong color) and spy.
Ewen Bremner plays the shell shocked, half mad, usually drunk Charlie.
Eugene Brave Rock a Kainai First Nation (Blood Tribe of the Blackfoot Confederacy) actor and stunt man plays Chief.

Drunk Charlie and Chief – these are my only two complaints about this awesome flick. A drunk Scotsmen? Hey writers, cliché much? As for Chief, though it rankles big-time, I’m figuring the “Chief” moniker is historically accurate in that Indians in white environs used to get nicknamed that all the damn time way back then. Maybe still.
Tear triggers – the battle on the beach of Themyscira and the ferocious one in No Man's Land. I'll say na more on this. You just HAVE to go see this flick. It's, top to bottom, aMAZING!

Wonder Woman is earnest, determined, sweet yet hard as Q-carbon nails, focused and mega heroic. She’s also fabulously knowledgeable and speaks a zillion different languages. Throughout the film, whenever introduced to non-English speakers, she addresses and converses with the person in their language (heavy envy!) – including Blackfoot!  In column for Indian Country Today Vincent Schilling wrote:
What I didn’t expect was to be overcome with emotion when Eugene Brave Rock’s character ‘Chief’ met Wonder Woman, who was spectacularly portrayed by Gal Gadot. Why? His first words to her were in Blackfoot. Even better, he introduced himself as Napi, the Blackfoot demi-god who is known as a trickster and a storyteller.
When Diana and Steve get back to WWI-time London, he introduces her to his secretary, Etta Candy, (Lucy Davis). Diana, having lived her entire life on the women only idyll island of Themyscira, doesn’t know what “secretary” means. Awesomeness ensues.
Etta: “Well, I’m a secretary.”
D: “What’s that?”
Etta: “Basically, I do pretty much absolutely everything for Steve, night and day. I handle everything. I just take care of absolutely everything. And I get very little reward.”
D: “Where I come from, we call that slavery.”
Primo mic drop line!

If you haven’t seen the flick yet (and intend to) do NOT read this next paragraph!!!
While very sad that Steve Trevor dies in the end (and does NOT make a magic reappearance) he goes to his death heroically, gallantly AND, when he's just about to blow up the planeload of brand-y new, gas-mask defying chemical bombs (himself on this plane), his face shows the fear, anxiety and mondo sad which he's, OF FUCKING COURSE, experiencing. It’s for the good of humanity and all BUT...

I like when a hero is depicted as being, ya know, human...and shit.

Meanwhile, the right wing propaganda whores at Fox have their panties in a nasty twist because Diana’s costume isn’t a blazing USA, USA, USA, RED, WHITE and BLUE.

Flag fetishizing, idiot-talking-head Dion Baia, on serial liar-liar-pants-on-fire cretin Neil Cavuto’s show rilly needs to brush up on his comic book history. As does everyone else on the damn show.
the costume has gone through many iterations, including Lynda Carter’s blue and white bikini bottoms, and in modern comics looks more like Gal Gadot’s 2017 version." Wonder Woman is supposed to represent her people the Amazonians — to America. Therefore, it wouldn't necessarily make sense for the costume to be red, white, and blue. (source)
Thbbbt! So there you flag humping baby-men!

I was thrilled to bits that her costume finally looks, to some extent, like armor. OK, armor-ISH. I was relieved not to see tons of wardrobe malfunction threatening cleavage OR high cut, thong type costume bottoms.

Rilly now – how can anyone fight when they’re spilling out of their clothes?


  1. I'm glad DC Comics movies got it right this time. I've heard nothing but good about this, which sort of surprises me. I might actually have to go and see a movie.

    1. I *think* I've seen some other DC movies but they just don't stick in my head – at all. This one though, I've just GOT to see it again. Maybe this afternoon!

  2. "Chief" is pretty euphemistic with First Americans for a long time, who find it really rather humorous.

    1. I'm glad there's humor to be had. Really.

    2. A character central to Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest* known only as Chief Broom actually makes a joke about it - to everybody "injuns" are "Chief". In pretty much all of the First American cultures were matriarchal, where the concept of a "chief" was, well... foreign. Kesey's Broom was/is the best representation of that little inside joke I've encountered in popular culture.

      *The Book, not the movie. Which wasn't bad but...

    3. I'm gonna have to reread – thanks!

    4. In that... pretty much all of the ... bah! Just didn't roll off the tongue (so to speak) the way I wanted it too. Can I blame it on adjusting to a new tablet and keyboard

    5. Absolutely. Personally, I blame all typos, missing words and bad sentence structure on my cat. She doesn't read the blog so she'll never know!

  3. I saw it Friday and I loved it too. I've been having computer problems, but I expect to post about it in a few days.