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Thursday, July 27, 2017

A Plague of Incivility

Engraved onto the base of the Statue of Liberty:
    Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door.
    ― Emma Lazarus
Unless of course you’re brown, poor, disabled in any way AND/OR don’t already speak perfect, unaccented American English.
Short of making Lady Liberty magically disappear, this is the edit Republicans would love to make. SURE, I knew Emma and she totes meant to include this bit!

Why’s this come up this morning? A dear, smart, wise, mature (and I'm referring to her temperament, not age) friend of mine just had a friendship ending dust up with someone she’d known since childhood. What was it about? Sharon was attempting to have a conversation re: some nasty comment Tina left on one of Sharon's Facebook posts.

Tina’s an extreme right wing, lie believing, fact averse, perennially peeved, some-brown-ILLEGAL’s-stealing-my-cheese, Trump supporter. Sharon? She’s a reality based human who’s not taken in by scare mongering talking heads or the dog whistles constantly blown by elected Republican stooges.

Tina's reply to Sharon's invitation for discussion and better understanding of one another?
Coco is neither amused nor impressed by this coarse bullshit
I am not as politically correct as you would like your comments to be.  I have always been a frank and realistic individual who tells the truth.  I cringe most of the times when I see political posts from you.
A) People who sneeringly throw around the phrase "politically correct" really mean to say "I'm a proud hater and I'm gonna be a gigantic asshole about it too.  Just watch me!"
I started imagining a world in which we replaced the phrase 'politically correct' wherever we could with 'treating other people with respect', and it made me smile.
~ Neil Gaiman
B) "frank and realistic individual who tells the truth" Frank? Yes...OK, I'll give her that but realistic and truth? If her idea of realism is the hate-packed, bullying ravings, obfuscations and outright lies spewed by so much of the Republican electorate then it's clear, she's only got a fuzzy, nodding acquaintance with reality and truth.

Sharon’s a lot more brave than I. She wanted to have a real convo with Tina the Tiny Brained. You know, find common ground, come to understand each other’s POV. Unfortunately, TTB’s been infected with the disease of deranged incivility, spread across our once great nation by shouting sphincters like Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Hannity, etc.

TTB ended her screed with:
Your liberalism and lack of education regarding history is disturbing to me.  I will take your address though so I can send illegals to your home.
“Lack of education regarding history?” This’d be hilarious, given how well read Sharon is, if Tina was spoofing but…sadly, no.

Proving that mega bucks and the best education money can buy, don't make a shred of difference when you're determined to live in Fantasy Land, is the Con Man in Chief's daughter. In a 2013 tweet Ivanka proved that, though the apple is certainly better looking, it def didn’t fall far from Stupid Daddy Tree. She tweeted a quote defending the practice of making shit up and attributed it to Albert Einstein.

Did Ivanka ascribe this appalling, Orwellian bit to Einstein in an attempt to con us, the vast majority who oppose the Republican party's brand of dangerous and rapacious idiocy? Is she a fraud queen just like dear old Da or is she just blindingly stupid. Quite possibly, both.

Facts, not these insane AlternoFacts – get some. Also too, can we all load up on civility? Please!


  1. I agree. There are people who seem to be almost proud of how their "politics" have freed them to say and advocate horrific things regarding whole groups of people. I will never be ashamed of choosing love, kindness, and decency.

    1. You and I aren't alone in this – the proud haters are just a LOT louder.

  2. They're bullies, a fashon statement, until someone punchs them in the face, then they're victims, also a fashon statement.

    1. Oof. A fashion statement as appealing as mullets.