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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Dark Ocean

At around 1:30 this AM, I woke from an obscenely cruel, sad dream. It was a replay of The Amazing Bob’s last moments BUT, right before the clock struck midnight on our hero, he woke, leapt off his hospital bed and proclaimed that he was not yet ready to cash in his chips. Awesome City, right?

Nope. Why not? How could TAB’s brill grand jeté be anything else but fabulosity on frosted cherry tea cakes? Because I knew, beyond any doubt, that this burst of energy was his last hurrah – that he was still gonna die and very wicked, awful soon too.

This little pesadilla woke me right the fuck up. Thinking it's way too early to be awake, I dove back into Hypnos’ warm, cozy arms, hoping for happy, fluffy kitten dreams. No damn dice for Donna though. Twice I tried and both times brought me right back to TAB vaulting out of my arms, off the bed and, ultimately, into nothingness.

So yeah, I gave up on Cot Time. Morpheus was being way too much of a nasty-ass, heartbreaking rat-bastard. I'd totally, seriously break up with him (for good this time!) if I could.

Now completely, painfully conscious, I needed calm, meditative beauty and I needed it fast. After dishing up brekkie for Coco and Ghost Cat, I grabbed my cameras and motored down to Nantasket. Sure, sunrise was more than an hour away BUT I figured an early dawn beach-walk would be just the thing.

The tide however, was not being at all cooperative. I could climb down onto a wee patch of sand but a miles long walk was not gonna happen – not for hours. Ah well, I think I snagged a few good pics anyway. The waves in dawn's half-light are ferocious beauties. (click on the pics if you wanna embiggen them)

A thought – should I be reincarnated as a rock and roll diva (and I so should be!), I believe my name's gonna be Dark Ruby Ocean. Oh yeah.
and back home for sunrise

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