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Friday, July 14, 2017

Home Again, Home Again

Jen's Uncle Bob died earlier this week. I cut short my Cape vaca so I could come home and be…dunno…ornamental. I'm doing a bang-up job of getting underfoot but, with my stone doofusosity, I'm also managing to make Jen laugh a tiny bit. Mostly, I’m nagging her to take care of herself – give herself space and permission to be a little selfish.

We’re all relieved that Uncle Bob’s out of pain. Suffering’s done. And we’re sad. Very. Of course.

Funeral’s Tuesday.
While I was away, Jen and Oni took brill care of my spoiled little princess. Not only did they fetch her meals and treats, they held her, gave her pats and chin skritches and, just generally, cosseted the shit out of her. While she was happy to see me, her Main Doormat™, she did manage almost 12 full hours of guilt trips (How dare you leave me for FOUR whole days!). Eventually, in the middle of my first night back, during a fruitless quest for happy time with Mister Morpheus, she climbed on top of me, allowed that I ought to pat her, and then, finally, began purring. PHEW!

One funny – on that first night back, as I lay in bed reading (NOT sleeping), I noticed big, bustling movement at the open window. My bedroom's on the second floor – who could this possibly be? Did Coco get out?! (nope, she was sitting on her blanket at the foot of the bed) Is this a burglar? (nope, not quite that big) I sat up, put on my glasses and saw a GIANT raccoon. My first instinct? Invite him in for a snack and shelter from the rain. Hey, he looked a little sad!

Surprisingly, I snapped out of my animal sucker-tudeness and told the big boy SHOO. Yeah, that worked. HAH! The word's out amongst the local wildlife – That broad over on Bird Street's a soft touch. Seriously, just go sit in front of her door and she'll bring you all the Friskies and kibble you can eat! Yeah, yeah, sure – it's true. I'm a welcoming, not formidable, presence. STILL, I do NOT feed just anyone who comes to my bedroom window at 2AM! He eventually ambled off.

In coming home early, I missed Madison and Juliana’s second surfing lesson. Helen took pics though so I got to see both of them up on their boards. AWESOME!

 Yesterday, July 13th, was molto foggy with a side of drizzle. So then, where was I? Walking on Nantasket JUST LIKE LAST YEAR! I do love the beach in fog – it’s mega peaceful, solitary and positively meditative. It reflects my mood.

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