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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Need More Wave Action

I dreamed that I was trying to get out of Nazi Germany by train. The color scheme was all, mega sepia-toned. The station was dimly lit and had a bombed out/barely functioning vibe. In my arms, I held someone's baby. I'd been entrusted with her escape.

We waited on crowded platforms for trains which, seemingly, refused to come. Oh sure, railroad cars occasionally pulled up but they were always the wrong ones. None were headed for  Safe Non-Occupied Territory.  One finally showed up but it was on a different, far off platform, only accessible by swimming across the flooded rails of abandoned berths. Given that I had to get outta this dangerous place, I dove in and free-styled through the filthy, crazy waters.

Once up and out, I realized that I no longer had the wee child. OH NO! Panic was seriously blossoming just as a nice man walked over, infant in arms, saying “I believe this is yours.” Yes, PHEW!
This angst-ridden dream continued – there were connections to be navigated and hurdles to vault. And then sunlight appeared in my bedroom window, Coco climbed onto my hip and I woke.

What’s all this mean? For starters, the baby is undoubtedly Coco. She’s been extraordinarily needy lately. The Nazi Germany thing? Heh, that’s Republican America – a place where the current prez, his fam and minions can break every damn law on the books and not worry their ugly little heads one whit about justice showing up at their door, toting a load of heavy reprisals. Nope.

The treasonous Trump family’s Putin enabled takeover is destroying this once great nation at a record pace. What is the Orange Asshole’s party, the Republican party, doing about this? Nada. Well, more accurately, they’re playing Good Handmaiden to von Clownstick – giving him all the assistance and cover he could want.

Besides taking away our healthcare (and make no mistake – if health insurance costs more, it’s as good as gone), most of the GOP continue to deny that mankind is destroying the planet, that we MUST change our crazy wasteful ways. After all, we've only got the one planet, don'cha know.

All Repubicans seem able to do is reduce taxes on the wealthiest (which they attempt to sell as Trickle Down economics. Hint – that shit don't work). It’s clear, to me anyway, that there’s only one thing they stand for – whatever the Dems want, they don’t and they'll paint our wants as utterly demonic too.

This post over at Soapboxie, 21 Truths That Prove Republicans Have Been Wrong About Everything, is fully sourced AND they invite fact checking. The author,  jeff61b, clearly shows how the GOP is nothing more than a rapaciously deceitful sack of diseased liars for the über wealthy. What's the diff between Trump and the rest of his party? Gold paint and most Republican senators and reps haven't had their own "reality" TV shows.

The Republicans are incapable of governing. That’s HARD work – that means we gotta actually think and ya know, do our taxpayer paid jobs! Considered, expansive thought, carefully researched governing versus blind opposition – not their strong suit by any means.

They’ll never bring the Trump Crime Family to justice. He’ll never be impeached. Von Clownstick Jr. and Ivanka’s boy toy will never see the inside of a jail cell. Why not? They’re the GOP’s best distraction from Republican authored attempts to sell us poors and the middle class down a supremely defiled river. Their hope is that we’re too enthralled by the gilt covered, bush-league buffoon’s daily, train wreck-y shenanigans and seditious crimes against us, the citizenry, to notice they’re thieving us blind, deaf and dumb.

For those of us who DO notice, well, they’ve got their NRA enabled, dimbulbed asswipes to shoot us all down.

Christ almighty, I gotta calm down. Mebbe I’ll go sit on the seawall and meditate on some waves. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

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