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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Sharks, Dolphins and Seals, Oh My!

We arrived at Nauset Beach (SUCH a magnificent beach!!!) at around 10 for the girl's surf lesson. What’s the first thing we saw at the pay for parking station? Shark warnings. ‘the Hell? Did we just motor into a big summer blockbuster movie?

Nope, it’s a thing. Apparently the increase in shark action is related to there being a ton more seals hangin’ out around here – seals bein' good eatin’ for our sharky brethren. We actually saw a seal too! He/she poked her cute little snout up out of the water, had a leasurely look about and popped back under before I could snap a pic. Sweet motherfucker!

Surfer Babes
I also spotted a pair of dolphin – at least I think they were dolphins. I didn’t spy shark fins breaking the surface as they crested so I’m guessing. I was mondo entranced – could not take my eyes away from these big, BIG beautiful, black shapes, sinously sliding through the waves.

Madison and Julianna’s surf lesson was briefly interupted by a shark warning. It was a total no big, no panic. Their teacher just allowed that they needed to take a short break as a couple shark had been spotted nearby.

A boat (Coast Guard or some holiday-making citizen?) saw a couple off their bow and alerted the lifeguards, etc. 15 minutes later, Sam and Celia Shark had moved on and the girl’s lesson resumed.

Again, no big. No Hollywood-esque panicked, stampeding crowd scene. Nope, just peacefully and carefully cohabitating with nātcha. Awesome!


  1. I'm glad everybody was okay. I watch a lot of documentaries, and my understanding is that they sometimes get caught up in tornadoes (called "sharknados" by experts in the biz) and do some real damage.

    1. :-) I am SO gonna need to watch that *cough* documentary *cough* now!