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Friday, September 29, 2017

Silica Arcadia

I could live here. Like totally.

I only mention it but the moss covered lava looks alive. I want to pat and feed it like the stray cats who visit me at home. I think I want to wake each morning with these green fuzzy boulders. Except, except, don’t I want to rise with the sun peeping up over the ocean?

BOTH please!

Yesterday was molto low ley (or Loki or HveĂ°rungr). Jen and I wandered about in the moss covered lava fields which surround our amazing, anodyne crib. We walked over to the big Blue Lagoon for lunchie and people watching and then came back to float in our magnificent, private, warm, silica infused pond. It occurred to us both, as we bobbed along the surface, that this, THIS is meditative peace.
Afterward, thoroughly boneless, we curled up in our room to read, stare at the landscape and, yes, nap. We could’ve just stayed in place – not moved ever again – but we knew a stroll about would do us good //groan// We're just so damn mature.

There’s nothing in close walking distance except the big Blue Lagoon so we set off again through the brill lava fields. We grabbed a sammich and wine at the cafe and sat down to people watch the folks at the outdoor, in-lagoon bar.

I’m loving the variety of people shapes – wide and thin, old and young, fit and not-so-much. With precious few exception though, skin-tones are decidedly pale. We did, however, spot a stunning, rich reddish brown hued dude with a tidy, cool man-bun alongside a beautiful, dark dudette with glorious ass-length dreds. They flit by looking more hip than hip, more cosmopolitan than Bowie. More please!

We came home (see? I’m already thinking of this joint as home. In my head I’ve rearranged the room, found a place to set up my easel, a free patch of wall for a few bookshelves and a corner for Coco's bird watching throne), floated again and then watched the moon set outside our room. Curious – how could the moon be going to sleep when, tired as we are, we hadn’t?


  1. Fascinating! I've always loved traveling.

    1. There're so many places I want to see/explore but I find myself returning, again and again, to places of good memories, experiences and friends. OH to have the bucks to be in constant motion 🙂