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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Voru Hér

This could be Des Moines but it's not
Yes, Jen and I have arrived Iceland. The view from our airport hotel def doesn't credit that but, airport hotels the world over are gonna show the same vista – the airport. Duh. It's all smooth, flat land to the horizon line. If I woke, particularly fuzzed out, I could be forgiven for thinking I was at the Pittsburgh Airport hotel.

How then do I know beyond doubt that we're, beyond question, in Iceland? My computer is now speaking to me in a very foreign tongue. That is, all the ancillary text is in Icelandic. Cool!

The flight was fine – economy (AKA Peasant) class but AOK. No repeat of last year's WOW airline heinousosity. We had reasonable, if not JetBlue-ish legroom, boarding and the reverse went smooth and smart and the price wasn't that much more/was very close to the vile WOW's. Ya know, if you tag your company with a name that holds out such promise, wonder and hope, it'd make an abundance of sense to not shit all over any chance of ever being seen in a favorable light.

So, we got in last night – midnight Iceland time. Before making our befuddled way out of the airport we stopped at the Duty Free to pick up provisions. Ya know, wine and Jamo. In a few we'll head out to find the bus which'll take us into the moss covered lava fields and our brill geothermal pool Arcadia.

Silica, here we come!

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