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Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Horrors

Cassandra by Evelyn De Morgan
I’m in a horror over, gee gosh, where to begin?

There’s the Harvey flooding. The water’s receding now. Damage is being assessed, cleaning up and out has begun. Now, the monster that grows like ‘the Blob’ — and doesn’t die, mold is blossoming. Everywhere. Joy.

Hurricane Irma, which has already done a real number on the Carribean, is bound for Florida.

The Storm of the Century label needs to be recalibrated – Storm of the Decade seems more accurate.

Climate change? Nah, that's just a hoax by the Fake News Media. What? No? But…but what about all those brave Cassandras? Ya know the handful of alleged “scientists” who say humans have nothing to do with climate change/global warming.
Katharine Hayhoe, an atmospheric scientist at Texas Tech University, worked with a team of researchers to look at the 38 papers published in peer-reviewed journals in the last decade that denied anthropogenic global warming.

“Every single one of those analyses had an error—in their assumptions, methodology, or analysis—that, when corrected, brought their results into line with the scientific consensus,Hayhoe wrote.
Meanwhile, the sue-happy idiot who the Orange Menace sent in to kill off the Environmental Protection Agency Scott Pruitt, has put a paper pushing Trump campaign bozo in charge of axing grants.
In this role, John Konkus reviews every award the agency gives out, along with every grant solicitation before it is issued. According to both career and political employees, Konkus has told staff that he is on the lookout for “the double C-word” — climate change — and repeatedly has instructed grant officers to eliminate references to the subject in solicitations. (source)
And then there’s the fire in Oregon which has, so far, devastated 30,000 acres of forest. It was started by a kid.
Police say they have identified a 15-year-old boy suspected of setting off fireworks that may have sparked a massive wildfire raging outside Portland, Ore.

"It is believed he and others may have been using fireworks which started the forest fire along the Eagle Creek Trail," Oregon State Police said in a news release.
There are witnesses and, to be clear, the little shits weren’t playing with fireworks which OOPSIE got outta control. Nope. The witness said she saw one of these future Republicans of America lob a smoke bomb down into the ravine. The boy's got a real future in the consciously, callously dimbulbed-by-design Trump administration, eh?

I've got friends in Houston, Florida and Oregon. I'm worried – tense and nervous even.


  1. The Columbia Gorge fires are definitely being felt here in Portland. Tuesday afternoon I had to drive a few miles and there was a very fine white ash filtering down everywhere, and the air was smoky -- it looked like fog, but I could smell that it was actually smoke. Some of the eastern parts of the metro area have been told to prepare for possible evacuation (that's not where I live, though). Luckily the weather has cooled down (we had some record hot days this summer). There's even a slight chance of rain, though not much.

    Of course, the right-wing media have fearlessly unmasked the real cause of all these disasters -- homosexuality.

    1. I'm VERY happy that you're not in the prep to flee area! Lemme know if that changes please (I could hook you up with a friend who's north of you if you need it).

      And, I knew we could count on our staunch gay phobic population to find the REAL cause //snort//

    2. It's been otherworldly here on the east side. Cannot see across the parking lot. The worst I've seen in sixty-two years of being here.

    3. Wow, just motherfucking wow. Are you safe?

  2. Oh yeah. Next door out here can be ten, twelve miles. And it's not first rodep.

    Several merged into megaplexs over the weekend, so we're down to five fires within sight, if we could see. Within twenty-five miles. Smoke is right down to the deck: true smog, I guess. Painful to breath. Almost eclispe like in the... texture of the darkness, almost oppressive. Surreal if not otherworldly, it reminds me of Yakima during the St Helens eruptions, or your average winter winter day in Portland, only smoke.

    1. Ack! What do you think would be a just punishment for the kids to did this?

  3. The kid is scarred for life. It's the parent, or whomever brought the fireworks into the state, that need be punished.

    1. Yes. YES. I think they should have to plant trees to replace all that was burned away.