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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Pixel Mine Life

I’m up against another big, BIG day here in the Pixel Mines. The good news is that:
  1. I slept through the night! 
  2. This MAY be the last fat, stress monster work day as the book MUST go to press tomorrow – the grande event is Monday night. Client cutting things a big close, you say? Yes but her relationship with her printer is tight. She has total faith that Paula will pull this off. And she will.
Meantime, between Photoshop and Illustrator labors, I managed to finally finish Robbie Robertson's memoir Testimony. Man ‘o’ man, that was a hard read. Just to be clear, I wasn't a big Band fan back in the day. Sure. I was real keen on their BIG hits – The Weight, The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down and Up On Cripple Creek but I can't for the life of me, bring ANY other tunes to mind. That and, when I first saw The Last Waltz, hearing though I was, I was all... Meh. 

Yeah, it was awesome but everyone and their motherfucking bestie was all THIS IS THE GREATEST CONCERT MOVIE OF ALL TIME!!!!!! I was not so blown away. I know – heresy! To my mind, Stop Making Sense was/IS TOTALLY the best. OK Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! – The Beastie Boys 2006 concert film was pretty sweet too. Yup, I was deaf by then but it was a beat heavy show – I could feel it.

How would I feel about The Last Waltz now? Would Robertson's guitar chops knock me sideways? Would Levon's voice turn me into a pool of melted butter? Would seeing the flick on a TV better than the late '70s, 13" B&W that I watched it on, make a difference? I bet it would.

BUT I can’t. The Band’s final hurrah is frozen in my mind on a tiny, grainy screened, wicked low fi set. That simple twist of fate made reading his beautifully written memoir hard.
I'm curious – how many things can I mourn all at the same time? 
Reading a murder mystery now – feels safer, less triggery.

NOW, back into the, possibly shark infested but probably not, Pixel Pool. Coffee’s made, I have a cookie, I’m ready to ROCK!


  1. I've never seen The Last Waltz. I know Neil Young doesn't particularly like it because apparently he is visibly drugged out of his mind in the portion he's in. But other than when I nearly bought a Robbie Robertson album about 30 years ago (because Daniel Lanois produced it and Peter Gabriel sang back-up on a song), he's never really been on my radar.

    Stop Making Sense, on the other hand, is one I really like. Maybe I'm just too art rocky for my own good.

    1. You and me both mon amis. Now, (inexplicably?) I have Tropical Hotdog Night in my head. Maybe it's because the truth has no patterns for me this morning OR I stepped into the striped light – hard to know for sure.

      The Robertson album you almost bought sounds like it'd be worth a serious listen :-)

  2. I saw Levon not too long before his passing. I shouldn't have.

    As an Outsider I long thought of Robberson a bit of a sellout ore his successes outside of Rock and Roll, yet the score from The Godfather is one I can readily listen to in the back of my head.

    I don't think Neil was nearly as bad as his girlfriend.

    First snow of the season. Wet snow, but snow.

    1. I had no idea he'd done soundtrack work. That's pretty wild.

      Who was Neil Young's girlfriend?

      It's midnight and still in the 60s here -- too warm, and a little scary, for late October.

  3. Joni Mitchell, though may have been an ex by then. I think it apparent in his performance.

    We're at that weird point of seasons where we can be in the eighties during the day and thirties at night. Snow is a bit unusual, but with a warmer wetter atmosphere not unsurprising. We actually had an abnormally normal winter last year, with our first significant snowfall since ninety eighty-three. Banner year for the failing ski resorts, who appear to be counting on a repeat. Fools and newcomers.

    1. I was never a Joni Mitchell fan though she did have a few that I liked. That one about dreaming flat tires comes to mind and I think I like Chelsea Morning just for its crazy placement in the movie After Hours.

      I'm real keen on having a normal winter here. Not another snowmageddon ( but def more than we got last year. I don't ski but, well, I like the look of the stuff.