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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Poetry Soup

Remeber that conversation transcription app I mentioned beforeAva? At dinners with my awesome cousins and Jen and Oni, we’ve been giving Ava a serious, hardcore workout.

How’s it goin’? NOT as brilliantly as hoped. You see, talkers need to keep the mic part of the phone close in to the mouth. This ensures as accurate a transcription as is technologically possible and your words will pop on on my screen attributed to you. Wicked neato keen, no?
Here’s the thing though – doggedly keeping your cell up and six inches from yur own personal yap trap is not, typically, comfortable dinner party posture.

Of course it isn’t!

Everyone’s tiny phone sits on the table. The phone “hears” what everyone is saying. Whatever Logan just said might be attributed to Della who’s sitting next to him or even Oni, who’s across from him.

Also at this distance, the mic accurately catches only a wee fraction of what’s being said. It makes shit up. Ava is wildly creative in it’s efforts to fill in the blanks. Which gives me a fabulously entertaining poetry soup.

Sitting in the car right next to me.
The woman ending.

This place is actually close to the Moon

the crisis the crises
Might happen

Life isn't so simple and that the answers are in the eyes of the beholder
I really wanted to walk that line.

And then my damn coat

Always what it wasn’t

Suitcase full of toothpaste.

I love you.

I remember, I remember yellow
But yellow
European arms

What's the weather.
Bags of ice.
The overtime

She wanted to be in.
Fallout 4 anime.

It undermines the entire
Free birthday

Rotted meat
Can I use chemicals

Should I was too late.
Wipeout start sometimes

I think it's just it's so healthy for people to grow up
Because this isn't a cat.

Something just came through the text:
Happy penis house

So that's my secret

André Breton, Apollinaire, Rimbaud – eat yur hearts out.

I tried to infer, from all these surreal snippets, what was actually being said/discussed. That’s hard bloody work…just FYI and shit. Between lipreading, Jen's 'terping and Ava, I think I caught much of what was jibber jabbered.

I did take breaks to just enjoy the hell out of the DaDa-ish versification. The Amazing Bob would LOVE this.


  1. That is fantastic. A few years back, I figured out that if I google translated my writing into 6 other languages and then back to English, it became a glorious mess. I became a little obsessed for a while.

    The "yellow European arms" in this post was fantastic. No telling what the topic was. (Which I realize doesn't serve your purposes, but I still enjoyed it!)

    1. I may be missing a lot of convo (unless everyone's gone all DaDa on me) but I'm vastly entertained.